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Basic shoe wardrobe for autumn

Autumn amazes us with its rich colors. This season is perfect for creating stylish layered looks. Particular attention should be paid to shoes, because this is an important component of autumn bows.

Especially for you, we have made a selection of the basic wardrobe of shoes for the fall. All pairs are presented in SOHO, Clarks stores and on

1. Let’s start with classic sneakers. They can be easily combined not only with coats, trench coats and jeans, but also with skirts or dresses. There is no shoe more comfortable and versatile. We advise you to pay attention to the classic sneakers made of genuine leather from the new Spanish brand Carmela. Caramel or white — the choice is yours.

0421da91ed9bb44931f8c6896e38a753.jpg 1859aac260a7d2c6cae75344d60e52e7.jpg

For men, we recommend paying attention to sneakers made of genuine leather from the updated Clarks collection. They are ideal for both sunny and rainy autumn weather:

e2cafa3054aee2ec9c3056ce8776ffdd.jpg 301dae1203c93513a9543f3aa83c781e.jpg

2. Another essential element of the autumn shoe wardrobe are loafers. This classic shoe model is suitable for school, college, office work, as well as for trips to exhibitions and theaters. Clarks women’s loafers in different shades will perfectly complement the autumn look of every girl:

1c33dd5d7b18784d47c18c04dd37d11a.jpg 98e15539616c92657a8ffef82d4efa19.jpg a83fa246d54b6df99de9788ab97e9b13.jpg

Men can also have loafers as an element of the autumn basic wardrobe: they are suitable for business meetings, work or study. You will feel comfortable in them in any weather.

a83e8801590083d5cd4bf3d8eb1fba2e.jpg ff20064e7e5d3937b97039e19c7c5339.jpg

3. Chelsea boots have been popular for a long time, because this is the very basic shoe that combines style and comfort. They will complement your stylish look in cool autumn weather.

af72015a1b72a1132e5c98526cb9a67b.jpg 75dee9a76b66153c82e8eb39737fcb65.jpg 973742376cb0012d16e07bd8ebeb6635.jpg

4. Classics of men’s shoes — boots. Soho presents Clarks boots in black and brown:

0927a1ffba8c7341256148326a5dca8b.jpg 56d6d036660ce3fb9a5711a1d7801368.jpg

5. Do not forget about the children. For little lovers of jumping through puddles in autumn, Richter rubber boots are suitable. Bright colors will cheer up not only children, but also their parents. In these boots you can measure the depth of all the puddles!

6898da0ba2a727da9d41a6e77502044f.jpg 25edb7ec9c70cbb1e70d42e36a5f972c.jpg cd2bb7c030a5aa9a2c21b0cee655c9ef.jpg

The fall season is a time of change, when summer is over and it’s time for warmer and cozier looks to walk with rustling leaves under your feet.
We have already prepared for autumn and are waiting for you in our SOHO, Clarks stores and on!

wedding season

Summer is the season for weddings. This time is always filled with bright emotions, smiles and laughter, and warm weather contributes to a great mood.
A wedding is a beautiful holiday, where attention is focused exclusively on its culprits — the newlyweds. As a rule, they take the issue of choosing a suit and dress seriously, no less attention is paid to shoes.

The choice of shoes for the bride

Classic pumps have always been a tradition. Fashion is developing, and now high-heeled shoes, platform shoes, flats, wedges, and even sneakers are allowed! The main thing is that in general a harmonious wedding look should be obtained and the bride’s outfit should be combined with the groom’s suit.
It is not necessary to look for shoes to match the dress, you can give preference to color contrasting options. They can be matched to match the bouquet and accessories of the groom.


Such shoes will always emphasize the beauty and harmony of women’s legs.

Convenience is an important factor. The bride spends the whole day on her feet, shoes should be comfortable. Do not choose a heel much higher than what you prefer in everyday life. If you love height, get it at the expense of the platform. If you have never worn stilettos, practice beforehand. Pair your high heels with a simple, feminine dress.

Low heel shoes

These shoes are the best choice for brides who prefer stable shoes. A variety of colors and models in SOHO will amaze any, even the most capricious bride.
Choose pumps with a heel about 2-4 cm high: you will not feel it, but your feet will be comfortable in such shoes.


Snow-white sneakers are suitable for bright couples and themed weddings. Sneakers are gaining popularity due to their versatility. They are successfully combined with light dresses and, finally, they made it to the wedding wardrobe. Sneakers will let you dance and have fun all day and all night long.

Ballet shoes

At first glance, ballet shoes do not seem like the best choice for such a solemn event, but after spending the whole day on their feet, any bride will change her mind. They are very feminine and cute, in ballet flats you will feel confident and comfortable all day.
These shoes are suitable for those who are not used to walking in heels or those who are planning a wedding in nature. Sometimes ballet shoes are used as a spare pair of shoes in case of force majeure.

Sandals and sandals

Summer is the time for open shoes. Traditional wedding shoes can be replaced with sandals or sandals.
The most beautiful type of footwear is stiletto sandals, but we also have sandals with stable heels or wedges.
Is it possible to choose sandals with low heels or flat soles for a wedding? Yes, you certainly may! Such shoes will be an ideal choice if the celebration is planned in nature or on the beach.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose ballet shoes, sandals, shoes or sneakers, the main thing is that you feel the most beautiful in them on such an important day!

How to choose men’s wedding shoes?

For men, shoes are an equally important part of the festive attire. It must be stylish, comfortable, combined with the suit and the overall wedding style. The choice of shoes for the groom has a number of subtleties that should be considered when buying.

For a summer wedding, we offer oxfords or derbies, informal moccasins or loafers. For a non-traditional wedding format, sneakers or sneakers are suitable. The color of festive shoes is selected according to the color and type of costume.

Under a classic black tuxedo, suit or tailcoat fit black oxfords.

A suit in brown or charcoal will go well with black or brown shoes.

For a blue suit, black, brown and blue models are suitable.

Light shoes go well with a light suit.

These rules apply to official style. If your wedding takes place in an unusual format, then no one bothers to experiment and use unique combinations.

Men’s wedding sneakers in combination with a suit is an unusual idea that has the right to life.

When making a purchase, remember that shoes and outfit should be combined with each other. Properly selected shoes are a guarantee of comfort, a happy smile and a good mood.
In our SOHO and Clarks shoe stores, as well as in the online store, you can purchase shoes for your celebration and have no doubt that it will be great!

Summer shoes for men

Summer is the warm season. We usually choose lightweight shoes that are comfortable all day long and match the style of the outfit. The choice of models of men’s shoes in SOHO is diverse and today we offer to focus on the most popular models for the summer.


Let’s start with the most popular summer shoes — sandals.

Perhaps this is the most ancient type of footwear that was worn in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. When choosing sandals, the main criterion is the most durable fit of the foot and the absence of slipping of the foot. Sandals are appropriate for meetings with friends or a casual walk, for visiting the beach and walking around the southern cities. Sandals can be made of textile or suede, it is also possible to use eco-leather.

For the metropolis, sandals made of genuine leather will be the best choice. They can be worn with shorts or cotton trousers, light jeans. If the dress code allows, leather sandals with cotton trousers can be worn to work on especially hot days.

Flip flops

If you are going on vacation to the sea coast, you will need slippers.

They are an informal type of sandal. These shoes are the most comfortable in hot summer weather. It should be borne in mind that its use has several serious limitations. Slippers are not fixed on the foot in any way, so it is not worth walking in them for a long time, especially in the mountains, over rough terrain and in forests.
Such models are optimal for a beach holiday, but not for everyday life in a big city.

Slippers can be made from a variety of materials: genuine leather, eco-leather, textiles, rubber. These shoes are usually combined with shorts and cropped trousers.

Topsiders and moccasins

If you decide to stay in the city this summer, we suggest you consider boat shoes and moccasins.

As you already know, topsiders were invented for yachts. They were made from genuine leather with water-repellent impregnation. The sole of classic topsiders is light, it does not leave marks on the wooden deck of the yacht. Unlike moccasins, topsiders have a lace threaded through the top of the shoe. The model goes well with shirts, polo shirts, trousers, jeans. It is important to remember that wearing topsiders with socks is strictly prohibited.

For summer, moccasins are more relevant than ever. They will successfully complement both a strict business and practical everyday look of any member of the stronger sex. Comfortable, lightweight and stylish, these shoes are suitable for men of all ages, regardless of status or occupation.

They can be combined with loose summer suits made of linen or light mixed fabrics, casual style clothes.
At SOHO, moccasins are featured by Clarks and Bugatti in light and dark shades.

When choosing summer shoes, you should follow the main rule — the legs should «breathe». You can choose closed models made of breathable materials or shoes with perforations.

In the SOHO and Clarks chain of stores, as well as the online store, each customer can always choose a model for himself in which he will feel maximum comfort and at the same time look stylish.

Summer shoes for men. We continue the review

We continue to introduce you to men’s shoes in SOHO, Clarks and stores. In summer, there is not only hot, but also cool weather, and besides, it must be borne in mind that not everyone has the opportunity to go to the office in open shoes. That is why we propose to talk today about the derby, sneakers and sneakers.

Derby in suede and nubuck

Derbies are considered the most formal dress shoes and should be in every man’s wardrobe. Their huge plus is that such a model is suitable for any event — from office everyday life and outdoor dining to weddings and birthdays. In summer, suede shoes are especially relevant: a minimum of rain and a beautiful appearance. Suede keeps your feet comfortable all day long. For formal occasions, wear derbies with a light suit, and for a casual look, they pair perfectly with chinos.

Clarks and Bugatti derbies are available in our stores. These brands specialize in the production of quality classic shoes.

Sneakers and sneakers

It is safe to say that sneakers and sneakers have become a universal choice for any member of the stronger sex. In our stores, this shoe is number one in sales. Today they can be worn with jeans, shorts, trousers made of light fabrics and even with a formal suit.

Sneakers and sneakers will be appropriate for walks, business events, as well as in offices where strict dress code requirements are not established.

If you prefer such shoes, then when buying sneakers for the hot season, pay attention to the material from which they are made. It is better to choose sneakers from high-quality textiles, and if you choose sneakers, let them be from modern breathable materials or in combination with leather and textiles.

Sneakers and sneakers are presented in almost every brand: you just have to choose the color and model.

In our stores you will find shoes for men, women and children. Come to us with the whole family, no one will leave without shopping!

Carmela is a new brand in SOHO!

We are developing dynamically and are constantly working on the range of our stores. Today we are pleased to present you a new brand of shoes and accessories — Carmela.

Carmela is a Spanish women’s footwear brand founded in 2000 in Yecla. Carmela shoes are chosen by women who value fashion and pay special attention to comfort and quality materials.
The company is one of the leading European youth shoes on the market. It is part of the Xti Group holding. Today Xti Footwear:
— produces 8 million pairs per year;
— sells more than 1000 models per season;
— has 50 own stores and franchises in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Paraguay, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, Qatar, Maurice Island and Mongolia;
— actively develops a network of distributors in more than 90 countries;
— has 6,000 multi-brand outlets.

Design, quality and comfort define Carmela’s personality.
The brand is constantly striving to surprise its customers: new colors, materials or production technologies. The most important thing is always maximum comfort.

What you need to know about Carmela shoes:
— it is completely made of high quality leather, both lining and upper;
— has anatomical inserts, soft insoles and a flexible sole, rubber or cork;
— Exquisite finishes.

Meet Carmela shoes:

1. Sneakers with genuine leather upper, textile lining and leather insole. Textile inserts give the model a more sporty look.

26f6fad887d685792620e4648e640653.jpg 52195c6269688ec473653e5b150494a8.jpg 1859aac260a7d2c6cae75344d60e52e7.jpgc7a869d20de90e5e7e72b6a73633f3e6.jpg

2. Sneakers with genuine leather uppers, textile lining and leather insoles. Each of these models has a laconic design, which makes them versatile and suitable for everyday wear.

734a3b04ccf8c468aa6d04f51543adfd.jpg 0421da91ed9bb44931f8c6896e38a753.jpg 2905f8e54aeb7337aabd553ddbf42f24.jpg

3. Slates made of genuine leather. Designers have collected the main trends of this season: monochrome, laconic design and actual weaving.

b23cbf5d131317cf15c3153305823506.jpg a1e714345ebff94c245b5689d58462c0.jpg

4. Genuine leather sandals are made in light colors. Thanks to Velcro, it is possible to adjust the fixation of the leg. The heel counter is a soft rubber band for a comfortable fit.

5a2d98b70eef04423419500a6322aa16.jpg a2146fc8b123f439a3653253a1424182.jpg 7203f276e5d5661586cb8a90f5722764.jpg

5. Loafers in bright colors will be the best choice for the summer.

321ea786299aa9cf76eb541860ef7126.jpg 1879f209abca5accb2b1a762655e9a5b.jpg

Celebrities love Carmela shoes. The company collaborates with Brazilian top model Isabela Fontana, fashion blogger Aida Domenech, Spanish TV presenter, model and actress Lara Alvarez.

We are waiting for you in SOHO, Clarks stores and on so that you can personally get to know the new brand.

5 essential pairs of summer shoes

Summer is always full of unexpected adventures, so your wardrobe should be ready for any event. Especially for you, we have selected 5 irreplaceable models of shoes that you will wear with pleasure. Each of them is presented in SOHO, Clarks stores and on
Take this fashionable cheat sheet for yourself, and there will be nothing superfluous in your shoe wardrobe!

1. An indispensable thing for summer walks, going to work, meeting with friends — basic white sneakers. These comfortable shoes go with any outfit: whether it’s an airy summer dress or a formal business suit. We would like to draw your attention to the sneakers of the new Spanish brand Carmela: they are made entirely of leather and look very stylish.

430a34d691f347f2beacf2b6c4dbfd9a copy.jpg b75816ca98bd4b6f9034fed358bd5cb7.jpg

2. For trips to the sea and trips to the beach, we advise you to consider flip-flops with cork soles. They are well fixed on the leg, the straps can be relaxed or tightened. These shoes are comfortable to walk long distances, so you can safely use them to complete the daily activity norm. Scholl flip flops are designed with the anatomical features of the foot in mind.

2f035ab5379ae9619570904c5d06d878.jpg 99f22b8b9461fb6bede7004f9e16b567.jpg e6cc17e4515feddf9a1d37ecfaae67b5.jpg

3. Incredibly practical flat-soled model — sandals. These shoes are indispensable in the summer both in the city and on the sea coast. The ability to fix the leg allows you to actively spend time. These are the models EMU Australia and Clarks pay special attention to: they take up little space, are made in classic neutral or bright colors that will suit any outfit.

910b8392692f0bc97e5ac59c0862550e.jpg 07066ec173ef0d0b18360364cef69f71.jpg 0239f8694d3946359fa917ec99c6cffb.jpg

4. The main trend of this season is shoes with weaving. Of course, we could not help but add them to our selection. These sandals look very nice and gentle. If you are planning to arrange a summer photo shoot for yourself, then Carmela and Bugatti models will add zest to your image.

b23cbf5d131317cf15c3153305823506 copy.jpg 3a2f2133c3168baa7be05b31f6ed82c6.jpg

5. Mules have been on the list of must-haves for the summer for two years in a row. If you still have not had time to buy them for yourself, then it’s time to correct this mistake. The mules are perfect for business meetings, going out to restaurants and for neutral office looks.

c5004d690d4f506a729996b2d91132b9.jpg 39108ff8e1a79221727ca53be5c38096.jpg b5c9d4cf1fe05cb2e6be879530a1ee00.jpg

We hope that our cheat sheet helped you and you managed to find something interesting for yourself.

Now there is a sale in SOHO, Clarks stores and on, and you can buy your favorite models with discounts up to 60%. Buy profitably!