Government-backed low-interest loans

If you look at the keywords that are emerging this year,
to the extent that it’s related to the economics
The recession has been ongoing for a long time,
It’s been destroyed and it’s been a financial crisis
Lee is filling the streets with their songs
In the country, various systems are implemented to support
Government-funded public loan
to find information to use the system
They’re getting bigger and bigger.

The Corona outbreak from Wuhan, China
The pendemic occurred and the company became worse
to freeze pay and reduce the number of people
It’s hard to lose jobs or pay for fixed spending
The number of workers in the situation has increased,
the floating population decreases and the unwilling climate is formed
The number of individual businesses that are doing so is also increasing.
the economic crisis of the past is solved
The voice of action is strong and strong
I do.

in the problem of the living expenses or the lack of operating funds
It’s not over, it’s just that I can’t do it to make up for this
If you have to bear high interest debt,
Even if you raise your income because of monthly payments,
Because we have to cut off the vicious circle of debt,
Government to help finance low interest rates
Confirm that it is a system in operation through financial privatization collaboration
I could have.

From now on, using a system called government-funded public loans
What are the qualifications that must be met for the sake of the benefit
Whether you can receive it, whether there is a part to be careful,
I’m going to tell you how it’s going
I’m trying to sort it out, so you’re either planning a fund or you’re going to have to make a sudden change
If you need it, please focus and read it to 폰테크 the end.

First, we need to look at the composition of the system.
You have experience using it or find information to borrow money
If you have seen, representative products such as sandstone and sunshine have already been
I think you’ve heard of it, and I think you’ve heard of it.
It is also a representative product.

In the case of Saitdol, SaeHoon Hall, and Sunshine Log, each condition is different.
So after looking at the product, it is suitable for you
If you choose to proceed, you will be able to
I think it will be a great help to solve this problem.

First of all, the oldest and most people are looking for
In the case of low-income, low-credit people,
If you do not have a delinquency as a product, most of you
He’s getting approval.
The repayment can be set up by 5 years in an equal division of principal and interest
and the maximum limit of 30 million won is 8 to 9 percent on average.
You can use it.

Next, we’ll look at the Sitstone, which is one of the financial institutions
It is divided into two categories: Sitdol 1 and 2 Sitdol 2 received in the financial sector.
You can accept it in the right place according to your situation

If you’re receiving a pension, going to a company, or running a business
It’s a target, and you can borrow money at a moderate interest rate
It is a product managed by the Seoul Guarantee Insurance Department.

As in the same way as the sunshine, the principal and interest equalization is set up for up to 5 years
It is possible to reach an average of 9 to 19 percent
You can take it.

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