Get the ladders on and move to the rear!

There is no rainy three-day field work,
Uploading the blog!
It’s been raining until tomorrow morning, so we’ve been having a long time.

from now on
Introduce the case of Sancheong Earning installation in Gyeongnam during the past week!

It’s a rural house located on the middle of a mountain in Sancheong
It seems like we need an earnings installation in the powerhouse.
sancheong power house
The land is a vast country house.
There is a small pond in the garden!
The area where the awning is installed is the terrace part of the living room!
It’s a wooden house, and the deadline is dry-bit finish…
First of all, fix the wall structure and fix the earnings!
Of course, the structure was painted white so that it was not disparate.
He’s working on electricity after annealing…
The power source is connected to the outdoor unit through the deck.
sancheong earnings
4200 Protrusion 2500 (Imported Raw / Remote Control Electric Power)
terrace learning
power house earnings
We’re all out!
It was a snowy, very cold day

The whole picture after the installation…
The one-dance color is red, but it seems to be a moderate point without splashing much
I do not have a boss because it is a weekday work, so I leave the remote control behind the screen!
I texted you to have a yogi
width 4200 extrusion 2500
national team of Daegu earnings

It’s a cafe that’s going to open over the mountains.
a sack cafe near the 스카이어닝 mountain stream (birth herbic)
Folding 5-column, fixed 2-column installation

Install the front foldable awning 3 first
complete front three-piece
from the left
2770 Protrusion 1500 (Manual)
7200 Protrusion 2,500 (Turn)
3240 Protrusion 1500 (Manual)

in the lateral part
The exterior wall is jink, so the wall structure is essential here!
I do…
I recommend you do it!
If it matches the internal steelwork part at the earnings installation site, you don’t have to do it
But in that case, I don’t have much.
Usually, it’s not easy to find where it passes unless it’s a construction worker
electric running
lateral side
Width 5620 projecting 2500 (powered)

Get the ladders on and move to the rear!
The rear part is also installed after fixing the wall structure!
4740 Protrusion 2500 (Turn)

The folding-earning is finished like this and the fixed-earning is installed on the fix window.
Work first on the left side of the front part
Jink panel projections are cut and installed with grinders
sancheong jeondong-earning
I’ll also install one more in the backyard terrace fix window!
I’m also cutting off the zinc panel projections
coffee jaroo
The Earnings 7 is finished like this!
The Sancheong site that I visited in a year
I’m setting up and finishing up this beautifully!!
I am finishing the internal electric work, so I can not take a picture of the breaker and put it down.
I have to print it on the main entrance, but I forgot to go to the store and print it again
I went back and put it in on the weekend
Ask me how to decorate the terrace on the second floor
I recommended skylining…
You’re surprised at the amount.
She’s as pretty as she’s expensive.
Skylining is perfect…

The Sanchang-earning installation is finished here!!

The next posting
I will visit you again at the Gumi-earning installation and Daegu-earning installation site.

It’s raining three days
Don’t go anywhere and relax at home!

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