It’s a scenic spot that you can see when you run on the Ilju road.

Let’s enjoy the view of the sea at the Tongyeong sunset observatory and heal.
This is the sunset observatory, a hidden attraction in Tongyeong.
It’s also the Tongyeong 29 course in South Parang-gil.
It is also a bicycle path.
It’s a good place for people to go and see things.
South Blue Road
It’s the South Blue Road that goes around Tongyeong.
This is Tongyeong Course 29.
It’s the taste of Tongyeong that goes around the sea.
sunset observatory
The sunset is a particularly beautiful sunset observatory.
There’s no big sign either.
It’s enough if you just sit on a chair and look at the ocean.
You can see the scenery of Tongyeong as it is.
Prospect Guide
It’s the sunset observatory. 힐링업 There’s no sign.
It’s just one drawing that catches my eye.
The names of the islands you see far away and oyster farms.
I’m supposed to come back on a sunny day.
Rest area
Still, there are various rest areas.
There are a lot of cyclists coming and going because it’s a bicycle path.
Consideration for walking dogs
There is even a toilet bag for dogs.
This is Tongyeong City thinking about nature and environment.
Consideration for Bicycle Riders
It’s a bicycle path, so there’s a tire air injector that uses sunlight.
It is a shelter such as a bicycle parking lot, chair, etc.
There’s a public restroom.
This is an observatory on the way around the island.
I need a restroom.
The restroom is right below.
Sea view from sunset observatory
This is the view of Tongyeong off the sunset observatory.
Far away in the mountains, island island.
And an oyster farm white above the sea.
It’s a beautiful scenery.
Line of Work in Oyster Farm
I can see a boat in the middle of the oyster farm.
It’s probably working on oyster farming.
This is Tongyeong’s oyster.

bicycle path
It is a roundabout road that goes around the sea of Tongyeong.
Bicyclists keep stepping on the pedals.
It seems like you don’t even know how hard it is in the ocean view.
sunset observatory from the beach
This is the sunset observatory I saw after coming down to the beach.
The lighthouses in red and black are impressive from side to side to side.
Tongyeong with beautiful shades in the sea
It’s a beach under the observatory.
a leisurely seaside scene
The boats are resting quietly.
Shading in the sea is a picture.
Punghwa Ilju-ro, Sanyang-eup, Tongyeong-si
It is a scenic spot that you can see if you drive on the Ilju road past Punglim Sports Park.

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