Lee Hee-sung, come to Jiu-Jitsu Grand Store. Come a hundred times.

I’ve always wanted to learn jujitsu.
Actually, I was a little hesitant to be happy.

Let’s learn jujitsu with a close sister couple this time!
Let’s give it a try!with a firm heart

Sinchon Jisu Index
I’ve been looking everywhere.

morning class
Lee Hee-sung at the jujitsu point.
I got to register
Lee Hee-sung Jiu-Jitsu
2nd floor of Dongyang Plaza, 90-105, Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Located on the second floor of Dongyang Plaza on the side of this station
Not far from Ewha Womans University Station

You park in the parking lot.
If you take the elevator to the second floor, you’ll see…
Lee Hee-sung Jiu-Jitsu Point

This new building was built in November last year.
It’s open, so it’s very clean and pleasant.
It’s a Corona situation, and it’s a very thorough quarantine.
Lee Hee-sung Jiu-Jitsu Point

Lee Hee-sung Jiu-Jitsu Gymnasium is…
A place to exercise?Mat? Do?
It’s so spacious and new that it’s clean and pleasant.
And a fitting room on one side.
There’s a separate dressing room for women and men.
In the middle of it, the gym family…
The gym people, the director’s medals…
On display

If you go into the women’s fitting room,
I can cover the curtains, not even the doors.

I don’t know who’s there, and I open the door.
I don’t think I’ll worry when I change.
There’s room for the same clothes.
There’s a shower room right in the fitting room, so it’s easy to move around.
Exercise, shower, lotion.
All dryers available to dry hair

First of all, I don’t feel uncomfortable working out.
First of all, I liked the clean and pleasant environment.

I’ve been looking around the gym.
Lee Hee-sung, the director of Jiu-Jitsu,
After consulting, I like it, so I sign up right away!

Without a sportsman
I’m gonna sign up like that on the first day.
I learned to exercise right away.

Starting with a basic warm-up exercise.
Learn skills, practice with the other person.
The last one is sparring with the other person.
The class is going on.

I sparred on my first day.
I was wondering if I could do it, but I learned it.
The existing trainees are helping us.
So it was good to exercise without difficulty.
A rather awkward first day.
Every exercise is over and always at the end of the day.
Lee Hee-sung, who takes group photos, Jiu-Jitsu Dae Branch

On the first day, everything was awkward.
But it was so much fun that I thought it was a good idea to sign up.
I’ve been waiting for the next workout day.

It’s been two months now.
I don’t know if there’s ever been such a fitness exercise.
Funny jujitsu
This is me sparring. a white coat
In addition, Lee Hee-sung, the head of the gym.
And the gym staff taught me so nicely.
It’s better to learn and it’s more fun!
Rest in the back when you’really?In a space or something.
You can also taste coffee beans from the enema.
Alas possible
The gym people you’ve grown close to here, Nogari?Dock

I’m on a diet this time.
A good trainer who makes me exercise harder ^^
It really cost me three kilos.

I strongly recommend this diet exercise.
The enema will make sure you lose weight.
The jujitsu was so much fun that I felt sorry for the second episode of the week.
Ask the director to extend the class.Don’t mention it.
Falling in love with jujitsu

But thankfully,
Jiu-Jitsu Director Lee Hee-sung said,
You just don’t listen.
You listened to the gym family.
Open mat every Tuesday through Friday.

Those who are going to learn how to exercise,
Lee Hee-sung, come to Jiu-Jitsu University. Come a hundred times.

A cut with a couple of close sisters who work out together.
You’re 4kg. I’m 3kg. You’re almost 7kg.

I’m having so much fun working out.
Every time we meet, we’re just sports kids.
I don’t know why women don’t have people when they give them to women.
I just couldn’t make it anymore, 이대주짓수 and I can’t come more.”
There’s a lot of people who do women’s jujitsu.

Lee Hee-sung, Jiu-Jitsu.
Five or six women in the morning class alone.
There are more afternoon classes.HAS

Don’t be afraid of the ladies, have a lot of fun.
Jiu-Jitsu to lose weight.

Oh Se-young, Jiu-Jitsu Lee Dae-Joo

More than
The end of the Jiu-Jitsu story that I’m into these days.

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