Leading a clean mainstream culture

Everyone is actively working to create a happy Korea. Along with social contribution activities such as blood donation campaigns, the company is also focusing its efforts on fostering global youth talent.

Golden Blue has put forward a slogan for social contribution activities as a “happy future that grows and creates together.”. It is intended to actively solve social problems and contribute to the development of Korean society. It also means that it will play a proper role as a social enterprise that leads to the shared growth of customers and consumers.

I am taking the lead in various social contribution activities. In April, it held a blood donation campaign for executives and employees to overcome the blood supply shortage caused by COVID-19. The blood donation campaign, which was held in the form of a relay, was divided into time zones in compliance with quarantine guidelines to prevent COVID-19 infections and minimize contact. Employees voluntarily participated in blood donation to solve the social problem of blood supply imbalance

It has signed a social contribution agreement with the Korea Youth Chamber (JC), which represents Korea, for six consecutive years. The move is intended to focus its efforts on supporting the socially disadvantaged youth to grow into talented people who will lead the Republic of Korea. JC Korea is doing various business for youth’s bright future. Typically, there is the “YOU&I Festival” where teenagers can show off their abilities. It also supports projects to help the socially disadvantaged, such as the “Messenger Movement of Love” and the ” Project to Support Koreans Affected by Forced Labor.”.

In the past, the domestic whiskey market suffered a severe downturn, leading to a price cut to revive. It showed off its aspect as a company that practices social responsibility by contributing to the establishment of a sound distribution structure. While at it, COVID-19 has stepped up to create a new market atmosphere as the Korean whiskey market has been on the decline.

In April, the nation’s No. 1 super premium whiskey Golden Blue Diamond was 강남야구장 renewed and introduced. The bottle design of the new diamond has been refined to give it a sophisticated and luxurious feel. By blending the high-quality malt undiluted solution together, the whiskey’s original deep flavor and soft swallowing are enhanced.

It has been aggressively marketing by increasing the number of businesses to mark the third anniversary of the official import and distribution of Carlsberg, the Danish royal family’s officially designated beer, on the 9th. I participate in music festival and open pop-up store. As the home drinking culture expanded to COVID-19, it has been actively targeting home channels since last year. It also saw its ranking rise to 10th place, which had remained outside the top 10 in the domestic imported beer market for a long time.

It is also working hard to secure new growth engines for companies. It is growing its position as a comprehensive liquor company by targeting the spirits market, which has been on a steady rise despite stagnant growth in the Korean liquor market. The company plans to steadily expand its overseas market, including exports to the U.S. earlier this year, to successfully advance K liquor into overseas markets.

He is also active in nurturing talented people. Master Blender Development Project is representative. Two scholarship students will be selected to complete the master’s degree in brewing and distillation at Harriott Watt University in Scotland, providing full tuition, stay and airfare. It is an attempt to open a new Korean era of brewing and brewing through high-quality education, classes, and practice at Harriet Watt University, such as grain and germination, aging of spirits and whiskey, and food engineering

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