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An effective method of treating flat feet: shoe insoles


An effective method of treating flat feet: shoe insoles

Individual orthopedic insoles are designed to maintain the arch of the foot in the correct position, correct irregularities, prevent the formation of flat feet, the formation of calluses, bunions, heel and toe injuries.

To choose the right insoles, you need to know the answers to the following questions:

1. Insoles for longitudinal and transverse flat feet;

2. Insoles for shoes with high heels;

3. Selection criteria.

Insoles for longitudinal and transverse flat feet

  • The insoles for flat feet shoes of the longitudinal type have an insole from the inner arch of the foot and a shock-absorbing cushion under the heel. They provide support for the correct arch of the foot, prevent front-back movement of the insole and collapse of the foot inward;

  • Insoles in shoes with flat feet of the transverse type have a metatarsal cushion under the middle area of ​​the foot, which supports it in an anatomically correct position and prevents further flattening.

Insoles for shoes with high heels

When walking in heels, the legs experience increased deforming loads on the joints. In this case, it will not work to use ordinary orthopedic insoles. Orthopedic insoles for shoes with flat feet on heels are designed to preserve normal biomechanics of the foot — they provide unloading of the front part of the foot, which accounts for 90% of the total pressure of the human body weight.

Selection criteria

When buying insoles, you should pay attention to their following properties:

  • Foot profile, which is determined by taking a plantogram;

  • The height and degree of rigidity of that part of the insole that ensures the formation of the correct rise of the arch of the foot;

  • The material of the insole is leather, silicone, special gel, cork, as well as the presence of additional arch forming hard elements;

  • The size of the insole, which should completely cover the surface of the sole without gaps on the sides. For shoes with heels, the insole should be 1 size smaller.


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