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Good quality pajamas — quality sleep

In the arms of Morpheus, a person spends from 6 to 8 hours a day, which is about a third of life in general! But in the pursuit of the utopian «do everything» many people (especially business women, young mothers, students) sin with lack of sleep. And this problem is almost No. 1 in the whole world! Lack of sleep causes particular harm to the female body. Doctors competent in the matter say that it is no less than smoking. And if you can’t always manage the duration of a night’s rest and stress, then the quality of sleep depends only on you.

What determines the quality of sleep?

First of all, the quality of a night’s rest depends on what we sleep in. It is important to fly to the realm of Morpheus in comfortable clothes, and each person has a personal concept of comfort.

When it comes to choosing sleepwear, here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Tactile sensations (material)

• Season

• Appearance (model, style)

Taking into account personal preferences and guided by taste, you can choose the most suitable clothes for sleep. Clothes in which you will be comfortable, you will look beautiful, and your sleep will be strong and full.

The functions of pajamas in the «night» life of a person:

quality pajamas

one. Give warmth. The human body is in a relaxed state during sleep. The heartbeat stops, blood flow slows down, all internal organs sink into a state of rest. That is why during a night’s sleep a person needs comfortable warmth from an external source. A blanket, but above all, pajamas, the thing that is closest to the body, should fulfill its warming function.

2. Breathe. If the internal organs “sleep” at night, then the skin during sleep, on the contrary, actively regenerates. Old cells die, new ones are born. Thanks to this, after a healthy and full night’s sleep, you start the morning rejuvenated, refreshed, beautiful. But skin needs air to regenerate. Secretory glands also need oxygen. And this means that your pajamas should be well breathable and not interfere with the natural recovery of the body. So that the body can «breathe» during sleep, you should choose pajamas made from natural fabrics. The composition should have a significant preponderance towards natural fibers and only a small percentage of synthetics is acceptable.

3. Do not cause allergies. A factor such as itching has an absolutely negative effect on night sleep. And if a new pajama with its composition makes the skin “blush” with embarrassment and become covered with a rash, then, of course, there can be no talk of any comfort. Surely, natural fabrics will also help to avoid irritation to the skin. Read the labels carefully before making a purchase necessary for a comfortable sleep!

As you can see, choosing pajamas for a night’s sleep should be conscious. And if it is more practical to use pajamas made of synthetic fabrics with good technical characteristics as home clothes, then natural fabrics are ideal for sleeping. Well, now — in more detail about natural tissues and tactile sensations, as a factor in healthy and full sleep.

Natural fabrics for pajamas

one. Cotton. The most honorary «keeper» of night comfort. As a rule, most pajama manufacturers choose this material. However, cotton cotton is different. There are several types of cotton fabrics that are used to make pajamas. They differ among themselves in texture, density, appearance and type of weaving.

cotton pajamas

The entire line of cotton fabrics can be divided into two parts: fabrics and knitwear. Fabrics are made from 100% cotton. However, for the production of pajamas, pure cotton linen is used extremely rarely. Reason: low wear resistance of things and troublesome maintenance. Proper pajamas love knitwear. This is an axiom. Knitted pajamas are soft, have all the properties of natural cotton (as at least 70-95% consist of it) and at the same time stretch, are easy to care for and practically do not wrinkle.

In the summer heat, pajamas made of thin cotton (the method of weaving the fabric is a satin stitch) will protect the body from overheating and will not interfere with natural thermoregulation. so-called. The «cooler» is most often used for sewing classic, lightweight and almost weightless summer models. This fabric has great stretch. And if you miscalculated a little with the size, it does not matter! Pajamas from this type of knitwear will easily adapt to the features of your figure.

In winter, on the other hand, pajamas made of cotton terry, interlock or flannel will be the best option for sleepwear. Warm, cozy and without the unpleasant feeling of «biting» fabric. And, of course, in denser variations of cotton material, all the advantages of natural fabric are preserved: they breathe, absorb moisture, and have hypoallergenic properties.

cotton light pajamas

2. Silk. Pajamas made from this fabric are more often bought in the summer. Natural silk gives a feeling of coolness when touched, and at the same time — perfectly breathable. However, this fabric also has disadvantages: it reacts negatively to moisture. If your body has such a feature — to drop the temperature through profuse sweating, silk is not your material. Or you need to have a few silk pajamas in your wardrobe to change them daily. Frequent washing is also harmful to silk pajamas. Yes, and generally acceptable at low temperatures, on a delicate mode, or in cold water.

silk quality pajamas

Most often, expensive pajamas are sewn from silk, which are then sold under the brands of well-known brands. «Elite» models and are, accordingly, expensive. However, if you decide to treat yourself to such an expensive gift, be careful! Be sure to check the naturalness of pajamas. A label is a label, but silk has a million synthetic counterparts. Natural silk acquires the temperature of the human body. Apply the fabric to your cheek for 2-3 seconds, it should warm up. Also, the silk is very wrinkled. Squeeze the fabric — characteristic creases should remain.

3. Bamboo. Ideal material for allergy sufferers. Pajamas made of bamboo fabric are delicate to the touch, light and soft. Bamboo well “coordinates” all thermoregulatory functions of the body, absorbs moisture, does not interfere with air circulation and has an antibacterial effect. Even after numerous washes, bamboo pajamas look great, do not lose their antimicrobial properties, and retain their strength.

quality bamboo pajamas

four. Linen. A beautiful fabric known to mankind since ancient times. Our grandmothers valued flax because it perfectly absorbs moisture, “breathes”, protecting the body from overheating in the summer heat. But linen also has its drawbacks, in particular, when it comes to sewing pajamas from it. This tissue is hard to the touch and can pinch the skin unpleasantly and cause itching. So, before you opt for linen pajamas, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

quality linen pajamas

5. Ramie. Also natural fabric, thin and delicate to the touch, translucent in appearance. She comes from China. It is made from Chinese nettle fiber, which gives the fabric good hygienic and hypoallergenic properties.

ramie quality pajamas

6. Viscose. Although viscose is by nature an artificial fabric, it is made from natural raw materials, wood pulp. It has excellent tactile properties, soft, gentle to the touch. For pajamas, it is an ideal material that adapts to the needs of a person. In summer, viscose pajamas pleasantly cool the body, in winter it warms. The only negative is that viscose does not tolerate washing well and does not like moisture.

quality viscose pajamas

7. Modal. The fabric is also made from environmentally friendly wood pulp, mainly eucalyptus wood, pine, beech. Modal is incredibly hygroscopic, absorbing moisture 1.5 times better than cotton! In addition, unlike viscose, modal retains its dignified appearance after numerous washes.

high quality modal pajamas


Whatever natural fabric you prefer, when choosing pajamas, pay attention to the quality of the elastic. Ideally, if a wide elastic band is inserted into the pants or shorts, it will not only help the bottom of the pajamas to stay in place, but will also not squeeze the body during a night’s sleep. But if the top of the pajamas is with a fastener, then it is better to let it be small buttons. This clasp will not spoil your night’s rest.

quality pajamas with buttons
Choose the best for sleep, then the awakening will be pleasant, and the day will delight you with the depth of emotions and a lot of things done. Please yourself, indulge in quality, play with models, styles and colors, experiment with taste sensations, as in food. In beautiful and high-quality pajamas, it is pleasant to go to bed and go out for breakfast, or spend a weekend at home. In this case, you can choose the mood yourself! To do this, hurry up to take advantage of the numerous offer of our «Cosiness Minutes»!


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