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How to properly wear orthopedic shoes?


How to properly wear orthopedic shoes?

It is known that from the age of 2 the foot is prone to thickening and deformation under the influence of various factors. Over time, the problem may worsen and lead to complications. Due to the restlessness and activity of children, the load during running and walking falls on the lower limbs, so it is necessary to purchase orthopedic shoes in time.

The child’s foot and skeleton remain weakly protected during the formation period, and by the age of 7, scoliosis develops, gait is disturbed, and discomfort in the knees and leg joints occurs. This happens due to an unevenly distributed load and the initial manifestations of foot deformation. Few people know how to properly wear orthopedic shoes. This factor affects the effectiveness of treatment.

How to choose shoes and the rules for wearing them

  1. Don’t save. If the child wears size 27, then it is necessary to buy shoes of the appropriate size. It will not work to save money by buying a model for a couple of seasons. Feet that are not locked in properly will slide around in the shoe, and the sole will wear out after a month.

  2. Reliable fixation. Fasteners and other fasteners must be fastened correctly, they should not hang or pinch. It is important to understand that the child is comfortable.

  3. In the question of how often to wear orthopedic shoes, you need to know that wearing them for only 2 hours is not enough. Shoes must be worn everyday and regularly.

  4. Seasonally. One pair is not enough for all seasons. If you wear the same sneakers both in summer and autumn, the risk of skin injury, irritation, and fungus increases. It is uncomfortable and dangerous. For summer, choose open shoes. For warm spring and autumn, closed, necessarily changeable slippers for the garden.

  5. Many are interested in how to wear orthopedic shoes or take them off at home. The doctor may recommend wearing corrective slippers indoors: in kindergarten or at home.

What is important to know about special shoes

To reduce the risk of incorrect positioning of the foot, preventive footwear is recommended. A doctor’s consultation will make it possible to choose the right model and find out how long to wear orthopedic shoes.

It is also important to follow the doctor’s recommendations, because an interrupted course of treatment will worsen the problem. The most frequent mistake of parents is to refuse orthopedic shoes at the first positive changes. Preventive shoes protect the foot from incorrect posture and are needed when the baby starts to walk.


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