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We choose insoles for an active lifestyle


We choose insoles for an active lifestyle

Long gone are the days when orthopedic insoles were associated with spinal curvatures, foot pathologies and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system that are subject to correction.

Today, this is a mandatory attribute of any quality shoe. Orthopedic insoles, which can be bought in specialized stores, will ensure the health of the feet and help prevent the formation of various forms of flat feet and other disorders that occur with increased loads, their incorrect distribution or when wearing tight shoes with high heels.

To understand why you need ordinary insoles with orthopedic properties for daily wear, for sports shoes and medical insoles, you need to answer the following questions:

1. What is an orthopedic insole

2. Insoles for daily use and treatment

3. Structure of insoles in sports shoes

4. How to choose the right pair of insoles

5. Where to buy

What is an orthopedic insole

It is a product with orthopedic qualities for insertion into different types of shoes and is designed to support the arches of the foot, prevent and correct biomechanical disorders.

Main components: orthopedic sports insole

— Insole in the area of ​​the inner arch, which prevents the displacement of the insole in the front-back direction and the collapse of the foot inward;

— Indentation heel. Sides are made in some insoles. Provides lateral stabilization of the heel and prevents ankle injuries;

— Elevated rolling zone;

— metatarsal cushion in the area of ​​the transverse arch;

— The front part is a «whip». This part is not involved in creating proper foot support. If you cut off this part, you will get half insoles, which are often used in open shoes;

— Arch-forming wedges, which are an element of corrective and therapeutic insoles and allow the foot to take the correct position. In addition, during individual manufacture of insoles, the position of these wedges can be changed during adjustment.

What is the difference between therapeutic and preventive products

Insoles intended for daily use in shoes of any type are a mass-produced product. Modern pharmaceuticals offers products from various manufacturers that can be selected according to the needs of the user.

If we are talking about serious pathologies and the need for their correction, then it is better to contact a specialist in the manufacture of individual insoles, which will differ in the number, height, direction of the wedges to form the correct arch.

Insoles in sports shoes

Any active sport involves increased loads on the legs, and especially on the foot, since it is on it that the pressure of the user’s body weight falls.

Insoles for sports shoes perform the following functions:

  • They ensure the redistribution of the impact load when walking and running, thanks to a special anti-shock system, they protect the foot from impacts and injuries;

  • Stabilize the ankle and foot, preventing the risk of sprains, strains, and falls;

  • Thanks to the damping of shocks when walking, they provide protection for the spine, hip joint, kneecap;

  • They provide a warming and massage effect, as a result of which the blood circulation of the foot improves and the lymph current is activated, ankle cramps and the development of varicose veins are prevented;

  • They absorb excess moisture, providing an optimal microclimate in shoes and preventing the development of fungi;

  • Has an antibacterial effect;

  • They prevent the appearance of corns, calluses, abrasions, heel spurs.

orthopedic insole In addition to design features, insoles for sports are distinguished by special materials from which they are made:

— High-tech foam, which consists of a large number of small bubbles formed during the production process. This material retains heat well and protects the foot from shock loads;

— The surface of the insole is made of fabric, most often microfiber, absorbs moisture well, which allows you to maintain optimal moisture in the shoes;

— Special antibacterial impregnation prevents the development of bacteria, ensuring foot health;

— Special impregnations, such as Aloe Vera, provide an additional hygienic effect. Such impregnation helps to heal microcracks and scratches.

selection of insoles

Kyiv offers to buy hygienic sports insoles on the med-magazin website, which presents the products of the world’s best manufacturers. Orthopedic sports insoles have all the properties of ordinary orthopedic insoles and can be used in sandals as prevention of transverse and longitudinal flat feet, valgus deformity and other disorders. Such insoles allow the user to stay on his feet for a long time without feeling tired. Some experts recommend that when choosing insoles, pay attention not only to the condition of the foot, but also to the type of sport that the user is engaged in. For example, for runners, a good solution would be silicone insoles, which adapt to the shape of the foot as much as possible and ensure the correct redistribution of the load. For high jump athletes, insoles should be stiffer and have enhanced shock-absorbing properties. Insoles that provide maximum contact of the foot with the surface of the insole are better suited for cycling. All these and other features of insoles for each sport can be taken into account only by an orthopedic specialist. Therefore, in the event of more serious problems, it is better to consult an orthopedist and make custom-made insoles, which can then be changed during the correction process.

where to buy

Orthopedic insoles, preventive, therapeutic, for sports shoes, hygienic, as well as other devices for inserting into shoes for the purpose of creating comfort, preventing and correcting pathologies, can be selected and purchased on the Med-magazin website of the «Your Health» network. Here you can find a lot of useful information on choosing, manufacturing, and caring for insoles made of different materials. Here you can order delivery of insoles to any region of Ukraine.


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