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5 essential pairs of summer shoes


Summer is always full of unexpected adventures, so your wardrobe should be ready for any event. Especially for you, we have selected 5 irreplaceable models of shoes that you will wear with pleasure. Each of them is presented in SOHO, Clarks stores and on sohoshop.ru.
Take this fashionable cheat sheet for yourself, and there will be nothing superfluous in your shoe wardrobe!

1. An indispensable thing for summer walks, going to work, meeting with friends — basic white sneakers. These comfortable shoes go with any outfit: whether it’s an airy summer dress or a formal business suit. We would like to draw your attention to the sneakers of the new Spanish brand Carmela: they are made entirely of leather and look very stylish.

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2. For trips to the sea and trips to the beach, we advise you to consider flip-flops with cork soles. They are well fixed on the leg, the straps can be relaxed or tightened. These shoes are comfortable to walk long distances, so you can safely use them to complete the daily activity norm. Scholl flip flops are designed with the anatomical features of the foot in mind.

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3. Incredibly practical flat-soled model — sandals. These shoes are indispensable in the summer both in the city and on the sea coast. The ability to fix the leg allows you to actively spend time. These are the models EMU Australia and Clarks pay special attention to: they take up little space, are made in classic neutral or bright colors that will suit any outfit.

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4. The main trend of this season is shoes with weaving. Of course, we could not help but add them to our selection. These sandals look very nice and gentle. If you are planning to arrange a summer photo shoot for yourself, then Carmela and Bugatti models will add zest to your image.

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5. Mules have been on the list of must-haves for the summer for two years in a row. If you still have not had time to buy them for yourself, then it’s time to correct this mistake. The mules are perfect for business meetings, going out to restaurants and for neutral office looks.

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We hope that our cheat sheet helped you and you managed to find something interesting for yourself.

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