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Another new refreshing shoe brand in SOHO and Clarks stores — Refresh


The autumn-winter season is just beginning, and we continue to introduce you to new shoe brands presented in SOHO, Clarks stores and on sohoshop.ru.
Today you will learn about another brand from Spain — ReFresh.
Refresh is a young, refreshing and vibrant shoe brand that is part of the XTi Group. XTI also owns the Carmela footwear and accessories brand you already know. Refresh is aimed at a younger and more active audience and features a more daring design. The collections of the brand include both men’s and women’s models. Refresh is not only a stylish casual shoe, but also excellent quality at the most attractive price.

SOHO_SS22_Refresh_1000x1500_W1.jpg SOHO_SS22_Refresh_1000x1500_W2.jpg

Let’s start with the men’s sneaker collection. Vibrant colors, modern materials and all-day comfort: the Refresh sneaker is all about it. They will fit both in a neutral basic wardrobe, and vice versa — they are suitable for experimenting with color.


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Shoes from the women’s Refresh collection are ideal for lovers of an active lifestyle. In sneakers or sneakers, you can go to school or work in the morning, and in the evening to meet with friends or on a romantic date. Bright details make the models unique.

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The collection also includes sports models of women’s sneakers:

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Refresh designers are inspired by fashion shows every season. This allows you to create always relevant shoes at a very affordable price.
Continuous development and constant market research guarantee the appearance of six annual collections, one seasonal and two innovative. The Refresh collections span three very different stylistic paths: classic, urban and sporty.
The company values ​​trust in its products and materials used for production, and this trust encourages continuous improvement. By production the most advanced technologies are used.

The brand is widely represented in European stores, and now you have the opportunity to buy Refresh fashionable shoes at SOHO. The shoes are presented in all SOHO, Clarks stores in the RIO Dmitrovka shopping center, the Europolis shopping center and the Capitol shopping center on Vernadsky Ave. in Moscow, as well as on the website sohorussia.ru

We invite you to “refresh” your shoe wardrobe with Refresh!


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