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Carmela is a new brand in SOHO!


We are developing dynamically and are constantly working on the range of our stores. Today we are pleased to present you a new brand of shoes and accessories — Carmela.

Carmela is a Spanish women’s footwear brand founded in 2000 in Yecla. Carmela shoes are chosen by women who value fashion and pay special attention to comfort and quality materials.
The company is one of the leading European youth shoes on the market. It is part of the Xti Group holding. Today Xti Footwear:
— produces 8 million pairs per year;
— sells more than 1000 models per season;
— has 50 own stores and franchises in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Paraguay, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, Qatar, Maurice Island and Mongolia;
— actively develops a network of distributors in more than 90 countries;
— has 6,000 multi-brand outlets.

Design, quality and comfort define Carmela’s personality.
The brand is constantly striving to surprise its customers: new colors, materials or production technologies. The most important thing is always maximum comfort.

What you need to know about Carmela shoes:
— it is completely made of high quality leather, both lining and upper;
— has anatomical inserts, soft insoles and a flexible sole, rubber or cork;
— Exquisite finishes.

Meet Carmela shoes:

1. Sneakers with genuine leather upper, textile lining and leather insole. Textile inserts give the model a more sporty look.

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2. Sneakers with genuine leather uppers, textile lining and leather insoles. Each of these models has a laconic design, which makes them versatile and suitable for everyday wear.

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3. Slates made of genuine leather. Designers have collected the main trends of this season: monochrome, laconic design and actual weaving.

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4. Genuine leather sandals are made in light colors. Thanks to Velcro, it is possible to adjust the fixation of the leg. The heel counter is a soft rubber band for a comfortable fit.

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5. Loafers in bright colors will be the best choice for the summer.

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Celebrities love Carmela shoes. The company collaborates with Brazilian top model Isabela Fontana, fashion blogger Aida Domenech, Spanish TV presenter, model and actress Lara Alvarez.

We are waiting for you in SOHO, Clarks stores and on sohoshop.ru so that you can personally get to know the new brand.


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