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Getting ready for school


The new school year starts this week. Usually, parents postpone the purchase of school uniforms and shoes for the last days of August. Changeable shoes at school are designed not only to sit at a desk, but also for games during breaks. It should be comfortable and beautiful, because it is at this age that children develop a sense of style.

Criteria that we recommend paying attention to when choosing school shoes:

1. Convenience. For almost half a day, the child will walk in changeable shoes within the school. Children’s feet are still being formed, so you need to choose lightweight models that fit in size. In this case, the child will not feel discomfort, and the legs will not get tired.

2. Natural materials. It is best to choose models from leather or textiles. If you choose eco-leather, make sure that it is made of high quality and that there is a textile lining inside. The most important thing is that the foot can breathe in such shoes.

3. Clasps. If the child has not yet learned how to tie shoelaces on his own, then Velcro should be preferred. This will make it easier to put on and save time talking to friends before class.

4. Aesthetics. Shoes are matched to the school uniform. Some schools have requirements for the style and color of clothing and footwear, as well as the soles of replacement shoes. I’m sure you know how exciting it is to draw stripes on the floor with black soles. Shoes from SOHO will not leave any marks.

5. Proven manufacturers. Turning to well-known brands with a good reputation, you can be sure of the quality. Our SOHO and Clarks stores feature only trusted global brands.

Let’s start choosing children’s shoes in the vastness of our online store sohoshop.ru.
Under school shoes for girls, many mean beautiful shoes or ballet flats. In addition to them, you can choose classic light or dark sneakers.

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For boys, you can choose shoes, boots, sneakers or slip-ons in classic colors. Do not choose sandals: open shoes do not comply with the school dress code.

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For physical education, we offer bright EMU Australia or Richter sneakers:
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The most important thing in choosing children’s shoes is to find an option that your child will like. Then he will be happy to go to school. SOHO, Clarks stores and https://sohoshop.ru/ have shoes for any occasion in a child’s life. We have specially designated children’s spaces where the child will be comfortable choosing and trying on shoes. They are located in SOHO stores in the Afimall City shopping center, RIO Dmitrovka shopping center, Vnukovo Premium Outlet, Park House shopping center and Greenwich shopping center.


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