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Photo of bathrobes

Shall we shoot?

We have the first trials of shooting bathrobes. Why do we need it? Why not do like everyone else, put up standard photos found on the Internet? We have our reasons for this:

1. We believewhat the buyer of the online store actually buys a photobut gets product. And not always a photo = a product. There are disappointments. We don’t want to give EMOTIONS disappointment to our customers.

2. We want bring your contribution to the online home clothing market. We want to develop it and make it better. Even if one person, having seen our photos, decides to buy on the Internet, we have achieved a result! This is our goal. These are new emotions for customers — after all, buying on the Internet is so exciting, convenient and economical!

3. We are interested the process of photographing bathrobes. Model, Topa, photographer, light… Everything is so much fun! After all, this all happens right at our workplace — right in the office in front of the desktops! We have a fun job!

But as it turns out, it’s not that easy. Photo light setting, setting, background, etc.

And Topa climbs into the frame:

For this he paid the price:

And even despite everything, he climbed into the frame:

But in general, the test shooting was a success, a lot of photos were taken, it was found out what else was needed from the equipment. All the work is still ahead … But most importantly, we are on the right track!


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