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«Minutes of Comfort«is not a simple» ordinary online store «. Our vocation is to create and give emotions. Emotions for ourselves, emotions for our clients and partners. Emotions of comfort, warmth, fun and sincerity.

After all, what we offer to customers goes beyond the usual sale of goods. What we sell is designed by its very essence to carry emotions. Positive emotions. Emotions that will make the life of customers at least a little better, more fun, more comfortable.

The goal of our team is to multiply these emotions. We want to give emotions, we want to receive emotions, because as they say: «If you share your emotions, they do not become less.»

We are tired of the widespread lack of service and human relations. We want to change society, we want to change people’s attitude towards each other. Let our efforts on the scale of the whole society be a drop in the ocean, but this drop will be the most correct and it will be ours!

Our core values ​​(what we believe in):

one. Originality – we try to find a non-standard approach to banal things.

2. Service and attitude We strive to treat all people the way we would like to be treated.

3. Dynamics and innovation We don’t like to be bored and stand still. We love to move and change. Become a better person and help others to do the same.

four. Leadership We don’t want to sell everything to our customers. We want to be the best in one narrow niche, but to do it in such a way that our customers really evoke emotions with their professionalism, attitude, and quality of service.

5. Philosophy of comfort – we believe that moments of comfort can make life richer and happier. And we carry this philosophy to others.

And if after getting to know us your life becomes even a little bit brighter, we will be really happy. This is our main goal!


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