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Pay in installments «Share»


Do I need to register for the service?

No, a separate registration is not required. You will register automatically after making a purchase using your phone number. Then, using this number, you will be able to enter the Share mobile application to track the next payments.

How to buy a product?

Select a product on the site, add it to the cart and proceed to payment. On the payment page, select «Pay Share» and complete the purchase as if paying with a regular card.

How does the service work?

The service works directly with the sites of online stores — select Share as a payment method on the site and enter the card details. Your payment will be divided into 4 parts — the first one will be deducted immediately, the next three — every two weeks. Before each payment, you will receive a reminder of the debit date.

Is there a fee for using the service?

No, the service does not take interest or commissions. You will pay exactly the amount of the purchase, divided into 4 parts.

Is it a loan? do you check credit history?

No, this is not a loan. The service does not check the credit history and does not conclude a loan agreement with the buyer. There is no interest rate in Share — you pay only the purchase amount divided into 4 parts.


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