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We invite you to get to know this brand better and buy yourself a new pair of sneakers or sneakers at the most attractive price.
British Knights is an American shoe company with an interesting name. If translated literally, it sounds like «British Knights». However, one should not judge the origin only by the name. In fact, the brand was founded in 1983 in the USA by Jack Schwartz Shoes Inc. The main office of the company is located in New York.
The brand gained particular popularity in the 90s, it was then that such famous NBA basketball players as Derrick Colman and Xavier McDaniel played in British Knights sneakers. At that time, there was a strong shortage of good sports shoes that would correspond to all the fashion trends of that time. The company’s marketers very quickly decided on their audience and began to produce shoes with a bright design for urban youth. The very first collection of British Knights shoes became a real hit, capturing the hearts of American fashionistas.
Initially, the brand produced shoes for fans of sports, hip-hop, and extreme activities. British Knights embodied the spirit of the street, conveying through their sneakers a whole culture that could be felt in a modern city. The shoes were comfortable and sturdy, suitable for all occasions.

The British Knights were the first to work with hip-hop artists as ambassadors. Notable artists Kool Moe Dee, Public Enemy, Technotronic and Beats International have showcased the brand in video clips and television interviews.
Today, the British Knights brand produces casual shoes for residents of megacities who love an active lifestyle. These are shoes for young and active adventurers who do not sit still, but always go forward, conquering the peaks. The shoes are made of quality materials, complemented by a unique urban design, and are especially comfortable. It is not just that British Knights is one of the favorite brands of young people, because with all its appearance it declares that it will be easy for you to go through life and cope with all the difficulties.

The main models of the brand are sneakers. What could be better for a long day in the city?! British Knights is notable for its low price, first-class quality and unusual design. British Knights sneakers are not only loved by young people, they are suitable for all ages. Young people choose British Knights because they are stylish and fashionable, adults because they are comfortable and reliable.

In SOHO stores and https://sohoshop.ru/ you can get acquainted with a wide range of British Knights shoes, and find a pair of shoes that will become your true friend when traveling around the city. Move to the rhythm of the city in British Knights!


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