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Secrets of cleaning cloth shoes


With a large number of different materials, textile shoes remain indispensable for the summer season. This material provides good ventilation, does not rub the skin and is very comfortable for long walks. Textiles are often used to make sports shoes, as it is in them that the feet are best tolerated by physical activity.

Casual wardrobe models are especially in demand in spring and summer. This is due to the fact that in fabric materials it is easier to endure heat. The variety of colors and other decorative elements on textile shoes is limitless, since there is no particular difficulty in dyeing the fabric.
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Fabric shoes, with all the advantages, have some disadvantages. The main one is that it gets dirty too quickly. Therefore, we decided that today’s article will be devoted to how to quickly and easily clean shoes made of fabric materials in order to maintain their original appearance and extend their life.

After buying sneakers, sneakers or sandals made of textiles, be sure to treat them with a water-repellent agent. This will help the fabric get wet less, and further care will become noticeably easier. But keep in mind that textile shoes are not designed for rainy weather.
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Textile shoes require daily care. After each wear, cleaning from dirt and dust is necessary. You can use a dry brush with hard bristles for the top of the product, and it is enough to wipe the sole with a damp cloth. You can replace a dry brush with a regular damp cloth, which, in addition to external removal of dirt, will help get rid of an unpleasant odor.

In addition to daily care, fabric shoes require thorough cleaning. There are two ways: manual and automatic. We propose to consider each of them in more detail.

1. Hand wash
The fabric material withstands contact with water well. True, it is still not worth soaking shoes for a long time, this can lead to sticking of the sole and other parts of the product. In general, the process of hand washing is quite simple:

1. Remove the insoles and laces from your shoes. They must be cleaned separately.
2. Use a shoe brush to remove dirt and dust from the product.
3. Wet the shoes with warm water and use soap or powder to start cleaning the textile part. We do not recommend using aggressive cleaning agents, especially for colored shoes.
4. Rinse the product under clean water until all detergent residues are removed.
5. Squeeze water out of the fabric as much as possible. So it dries much faster.
6. Dry shoes in a warm, dry and ventilated place, in a position where water will flow out.
Thus, you can easily wash fabric shoes while maintaining their original appearance!

2. Automatic washing
The most important, and in our opinion, the main advantage of textile shoes is that they can be washed in a washing machine. But this method is only suitable for products without heels, for example, for sneakers, sneakers, ballet flats, moccasins, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the automatic washing approach:

1. Remove the insoles and laces from your shoes.
2. Clean heavy soiling by hand.
3. Place the shoes in one laundry bag and the insoles and laces in the other.
4. Many modern washing machines have a special mode for washing shoes, if not, use any delicate mode at a low temperature.
5. Dry shoes in the same way as for hand washing.
6. After drying, it is best to use a special impregnation that repels dirt.
This is the most convenient way to clean cloth shoes! With the correct implementation of all stages, the product will not lose its attractiveness.

Pollution is of varying severity. If you encounter grass, oil, or other stubborn stains, we recommend the following methods:

1. Soap «antipyatin» and stain remover for colored clothes can clean sandals or shoes with prints with high quality. Light-colored shoes should be cleaned with a stain remover for light fabrics.
2. To clean oil stains at home, you can use a concentrated dish degreaser or white spirit solvent.
Wipe the stain with a moistened cotton pad using the product of your choice. If the contamination is severe, soak a cotton pad in the substance and fix it on both sides of the stain. After a while, rinse the stain under running water, and then use the manual or mechanical method to finally get rid of the dirt.

With proper and regular care, shoes will serve you for more than one season. Listening to our recommendations, you can enjoy your favorite couple for a long time!

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We look forward to seeing you!


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