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Summer shoes for men. We continue the review


We continue to introduce you to men’s shoes in SOHO, Clarks and sohoshop.ru stores. In summer, there is not only hot, but also cool weather, and besides, it must be borne in mind that not everyone has the opportunity to go to the office in open shoes. That is why we propose to talk today about the derby, sneakers and sneakers.

Derby in suede and nubuck

Derbies are considered the most formal dress shoes and should be in every man’s wardrobe. Their huge plus is that such a model is suitable for any event — from office everyday life and outdoor dining to weddings and birthdays. In summer, suede shoes are especially relevant: a minimum of rain and a beautiful appearance. Suede keeps your feet comfortable all day long. For formal occasions, wear derbies with a light suit, and for a casual look, they pair perfectly with chinos.

Clarks and Bugatti derbies are available in our stores. These brands specialize in the production of quality classic shoes.

Sneakers and sneakers

It is safe to say that sneakers and sneakers have become a universal choice for any member of the stronger sex. In our stores, this shoe is number one in sales. Today they can be worn with jeans, shorts, trousers made of light fabrics and even with a formal suit.

Sneakers and sneakers will be appropriate for walks, business events, as well as in offices where strict dress code requirements are not established.

If you prefer such shoes, then when buying sneakers for the hot season, pay attention to the material from which they are made. It is better to choose sneakers from high-quality textiles, and if you choose sneakers, let them be from modern breathable materials or in combination with leather and textiles.

Sneakers and sneakers are presented in almost every brand: you just have to choose the color and model.

In our stores you will find shoes for men, women and children. Come to us with the whole family, no one will leave without shopping!


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