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Summer shoes for men


Summer is the warm season. We usually choose lightweight shoes that are comfortable all day long and match the style of the outfit. The choice of models of men’s shoes in SOHO is diverse and today we offer to focus on the most popular models for the summer.


Let’s start with the most popular summer shoes — sandals.

Perhaps this is the most ancient type of footwear that was worn in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. When choosing sandals, the main criterion is the most durable fit of the foot and the absence of slipping of the foot. Sandals are appropriate for meetings with friends or a casual walk, for visiting the beach and walking around the southern cities. Sandals can be made of textile or suede, it is also possible to use eco-leather.

For the metropolis, sandals made of genuine leather will be the best choice. They can be worn with shorts or cotton trousers, light jeans. If the dress code allows, leather sandals with cotton trousers can be worn to work on especially hot days.

Flip flops

If you are going on vacation to the sea coast, you will need slippers.

They are an informal type of sandal. These shoes are the most comfortable in hot summer weather. It should be borne in mind that its use has several serious limitations. Slippers are not fixed on the foot in any way, so it is not worth walking in them for a long time, especially in the mountains, over rough terrain and in forests.
Such models are optimal for a beach holiday, but not for everyday life in a big city.

Slippers can be made from a variety of materials: genuine leather, eco-leather, textiles, rubber. These shoes are usually combined with shorts and cropped trousers.

Topsiders and moccasins

If you decide to stay in the city this summer, we suggest you consider boat shoes and moccasins.

As you already know, topsiders were invented for yachts. They were made from genuine leather with water-repellent impregnation. The sole of classic topsiders is light, it does not leave marks on the wooden deck of the yacht. Unlike moccasins, topsiders have a lace threaded through the top of the shoe. The model goes well with shirts, polo shirts, trousers, jeans. It is important to remember that wearing topsiders with socks is strictly prohibited.

For summer, moccasins are more relevant than ever. They will successfully complement both a strict business and practical everyday look of any member of the stronger sex. Comfortable, lightweight and stylish, these shoes are suitable for men of all ages, regardless of status or occupation.

They can be combined with loose summer suits made of linen or light mixed fabrics, casual style clothes.
At SOHO, moccasins are featured by Clarks and Bugatti in light and dark shades.

When choosing summer shoes, you should follow the main rule — the legs should «breathe». You can choose closed models made of breathable materials or shoes with perforations.

In the SOHO and Clarks chain of stores, as well as the sohoshop.ru online store, each customer can always choose a model for himself in which he will feel maximum comfort and at the same time look stylish.


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