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TOP-5 models of orthopedic insoles


TOP-5 models of orthopedic insoles

The sooner you take care of your feet, the healthier your joints, legs, and spine will be. Orthopedic insoles are useful not only for those who already have deformities and diseases, but also for their prevention. Most people are familiar with such problems as fatigue, heaviness and swelling in the legs. Calluses, calluses and corns of the skin of the feet often appear. These signs signal that it is time to think about changing shoes and purchasing orthopedic insoles.

Types of insoles

There is a difference between devices for different types of shoes. Products for everyday wear are more massive than models in high-heeled shoes or summer sandals, where thin half-soles are inserted. For sports, special devices designed for high mechanical loads and with moisture-wicking properties have been developed. Diabetics need insoles with good cushioning and antibacterial soft material close to the skin with special protection against rubbing. This is necessary because people with this disease often have non-healing wounds — diabetic foot syndrome.

Criteria for choosing insoles

For buyers who ask the question — which orthopedic insoles are better, experts have compiled a rating of models based on user reviews and the opinions of orthopedic doctors. When compiling the TOP 5, the following factors were taken into account:

• Effectiveness of application;

• Comfort of wearing;

• Manufacturing quality;

• Wear resistance;

• Quality of materials;

• Absence of deformations during long-term use;

• Ratio of quality and price.

The following models became the leaders of the rating and were in demand among buyers:

— Viva;

— Aron Standard VZ;

— Sunbed-Cork;

— Alps;

— Deluxe.

The first place is Viva Pedag

Orthopedic insole-supinator for closed shoes Pedag model Viva, covered with soft leather, is used every day for flat feet. Research, reviews of users and doctors prove the effectiveness of use for preventive and therapeutic purposes. When manufacturing the Viva model, like all products of the German company Pedag, ecological materials and innovative technologies are used. The manufacturer has taken care of the hygiene of the feet — in the model of the orthopedic device, a layer with activated charcoal, which absorbs moisture, has been added. The product has antibacterial impregnation. Thanks to this, fungi and microorganisms do not spread and prevents the appearance of unpleasant sweat odor. The products belong to the unisex category (for men and women). High-quality materials, the strength of the frame (thermoplastic) helps to preserve the original qualities even with daily long-term wear.

Indications for use of Pedag, Viva

The product complies with international norms and standards (sanitary, medical) and is recommended for wearing with 1-3 degrees of flat feet. The insole made of plastic and support, with the help of the pelot of the transverse arch, give an excellent therapeutic effect, and the cushion made of foamed latex under the heel prevents the occurrence of heel spurs. The design and material of the device has a shock-absorbing effect. The model is designed for closed shoes (all types) and any time of the year. The use of Pedag Viva has no age restrictions and is used for various deformities.

Second place – Dakoma, Aron Standard VZ

Manufactured by Dakoma (Poland), the Aron Standard VZ insole is designed for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Improperly positioned feet cause injuries, deformations, dysfunctions of joints, muscles, spine, etc. Insoles effectively support the vault — transverse, longitudinal. The shock-absorbing pad helps reduce shock loads in the heel area. A thin model of an anatomical shape, which follows the contours of the feet, is most conveniently placed in any type of closed shoes. Genuine leather is used for production. The insole has a lining with special antibacterial impregnation. The plastic frame under the longitudinal arch helps to evenly distribute the load on the surface of the feet. The pelot in the front part (metatarsal zone) is made of soft, elastic latex. Thanks to such orthopedic devices, fatigue is not felt in the legs when standing and walking for a long time.

Third place – Sunbed Cork, Spannrit

Orthopedic cork insole Sunbed-Cork, Spannrit with a frame that supports the longitudinal arch, of the German manufacturer, according to user reviews, is comfortable to wear. The base along the entire length of the product stabilizes the foot, relieving the most vulnerable places under heavy loads. In the model, a special pelot serves to prevent transverse flat feet and prevents curvature of the big toe — valgus deformity. The heel is supported in a physiologically correct position, which reduces the load on the ankle joint. The perforated material creates an optimal microclimate, and the textile coating prevents the feet from slipping. Excellent qualities of this model are strength and wear resistance. The insole is easy to care for — it is easy to wash and does not require additional detergents.

The fourth place is the Alps

Alps orthopedic insoles (made in the USA-Ukraine) on a semi-rigid frame base are advantageously different from foreign counterparts due to their low cost. The surface of the product in contact with the foot is made of genuine leather. Alps insoles are designed for closed shoes. They are recommended by doctors for men and women of all ages. Orthopedic devices help to prevent and stop deformations of the arches by providing them with the correct position. The cushioning properties of the products reduce the impact load on the spine and joints (knees, ankles, etc.). Due to this, even during daily long walking and standing, fatigue is not so acutely felt, swelling and pain in the lower limbs do not occur. Doctors prescribe wearing them for combined flat feet of the 1st-3rd degree.

Fifth place – Pedag, De Luxe

Pedag De Luxe semi-insoles for shoes with a heel up to 4 cm — excellent German quality at a reasonable price. This thin model has all the properties necessary for therapeutic and preventive purposes. Leading European orthopedists participated in the development, and the effectiveness of the application has been clinically proven. This is the best option for shoes (open and closed) with low heels, as it supports the arch in a natural position. They relieve tension and cushion when walking. De Luxe insoles are used for both flat feet and arthrosis, as well as leg swelling. Using innovative technologies, the specialists of the pedago company achieved an ideal combination of materials — natural and synthetic (inserts). The adhesive base reliably fixes the insole in the shoe, preventing it from shifting. Special antibacterial impregnation prevents fungi and microbes from multiplying.


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