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What to choose for flat feet: orthopedic shoes or insoles


What to choose for flat feet: orthopedic shoes or insoles

For the prevention and correction of flat feet, X-shaped legs and other disorders in children, shoes with orthopedic properties or special supinator insoles are used.

What to choose, insoles or the right shoes, can be understood by answering the following questions:

1. Quality of footwear with orthopedic properties;

2. Structure of insoles;

3. Where to buy.

The qualities of footwear with orthopedic properties

What to choose orthopedic insoles or shoes for flat feet can only be decided by the user. Experts recommend buying full-fledged shoes that have the following properties:

— Thomas heel, shortened on the inside;

— High back, which fixes the ankle;

— Wide voluminous sock;

— Velcro fasteners that facilitate dressing;

— Natural breathable materials — leather, fabric;

— Flexible sole made of polymer materials.

Structure of insoles

Insoles or orthopedic shoes are better for children with flat feet to decide for the user, but if it is not possible to buy shoes, then insoles must be bought. They have a special structure:

  • A special pad that supports the natural rise of the foot;

  • There is a recess in the heel area so that the foot does not slip;

  • A border can be made along the edge

Where to buy

The online store of orthopedic shoes on the website Med-magazin.ua offers various models of children’s shoes — shoes,
shoes, boots, sandals, which are sure to appeal to little fashionistas and fashionistas. Here you can buy special insoles for different shoe models.


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