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wedding season


Summer is the season for weddings. This time is always filled with bright emotions, smiles and laughter, and warm weather contributes to a great mood.
A wedding is a beautiful holiday, where attention is focused exclusively on its culprits — the newlyweds. As a rule, they take the issue of choosing a suit and dress seriously, no less attention is paid to shoes.

The choice of shoes for the bride

Classic pumps have always been a tradition. Fashion is developing, and now high-heeled shoes, platform shoes, flats, wedges, and even sneakers are allowed! The main thing is that in general a harmonious wedding look should be obtained and the bride’s outfit should be combined with the groom’s suit.
It is not necessary to look for shoes to match the dress, you can give preference to color contrasting options. They can be matched to match the bouquet and accessories of the groom.


Such shoes will always emphasize the beauty and harmony of women’s legs.

Convenience is an important factor. The bride spends the whole day on her feet, shoes should be comfortable. Do not choose a heel much higher than what you prefer in everyday life. If you love height, get it at the expense of the platform. If you have never worn stilettos, practice beforehand. Pair your high heels with a simple, feminine dress.

Low heel shoes

These shoes are the best choice for brides who prefer stable shoes. A variety of colors and models in SOHO will amaze any, even the most capricious bride.
Choose pumps with a heel about 2-4 cm high: you will not feel it, but your feet will be comfortable in such shoes.


Snow-white sneakers are suitable for bright couples and themed weddings. Sneakers are gaining popularity due to their versatility. They are successfully combined with light dresses and, finally, they made it to the wedding wardrobe. Sneakers will let you dance and have fun all day and all night long.

Ballet shoes

At first glance, ballet shoes do not seem like the best choice for such a solemn event, but after spending the whole day on their feet, any bride will change her mind. They are very feminine and cute, in ballet flats you will feel confident and comfortable all day.
These shoes are suitable for those who are not used to walking in heels or those who are planning a wedding in nature. Sometimes ballet shoes are used as a spare pair of shoes in case of force majeure.

Sandals and sandals

Summer is the time for open shoes. Traditional wedding shoes can be replaced with sandals or sandals.
The most beautiful type of footwear is stiletto sandals, but we also have sandals with stable heels or wedges.
Is it possible to choose sandals with low heels or flat soles for a wedding? Yes, you certainly may! Such shoes will be an ideal choice if the celebration is planned in nature or on the beach.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose ballet shoes, sandals, shoes or sneakers, the main thing is that you feel the most beautiful in them on such an important day!

How to choose men’s wedding shoes?

For men, shoes are an equally important part of the festive attire. It must be stylish, comfortable, combined with the suit and the overall wedding style. The choice of shoes for the groom has a number of subtleties that should be considered when buying.

For a summer wedding, we offer oxfords or derbies, informal moccasins or loafers. For a non-traditional wedding format, sneakers or sneakers are suitable. The color of festive shoes is selected according to the color and type of costume.

Under a classic black tuxedo, suit or tailcoat fit black oxfords.

A suit in brown or charcoal will go well with black or brown shoes.

For a blue suit, black, brown and blue models are suitable.

Light shoes go well with a light suit.

These rules apply to official style. If your wedding takes place in an unusual format, then no one bothers to experiment and use unique combinations.

Men’s wedding sneakers in combination with a suit is an unusual idea that has the right to life.

When making a purchase, remember that shoes and outfit should be combined with each other. Properly selected shoes are a guarantee of comfort, a happy smile and a good mood.
In our SOHO and Clarks shoe stores, as well as in the sohoshop.ru online store, you can purchase shoes for your celebration and have no doubt that it will be great!


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