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Basic shoe wardrobe for autumn


Autumn amazes us with its rich colors. This season is perfect for creating stylish layered looks. Particular attention should be paid to shoes, because this is an important component of autumn bows.

Especially for you, we have made a selection of the basic wardrobe of shoes for the fall. All pairs are presented in SOHO, Clarks stores and on sohoshop.ru.

1. Let’s start with classic sneakers. They can be easily combined not only with coats, trench coats and jeans, but also with skirts or dresses. There is no shoe more comfortable and versatile. We advise you to pay attention to the classic sneakers made of genuine leather from the new Spanish brand Carmela. Caramel or white — the choice is yours.

0421da91ed9bb44931f8c6896e38a753.jpg 1859aac260a7d2c6cae75344d60e52e7.jpg

For men, we recommend paying attention to sneakers made of genuine leather from the updated Clarks collection. They are ideal for both sunny and rainy autumn weather:

e2cafa3054aee2ec9c3056ce8776ffdd.jpg 301dae1203c93513a9543f3aa83c781e.jpg

2. Another essential element of the autumn shoe wardrobe are loafers. This classic shoe model is suitable for school, college, office work, as well as for trips to exhibitions and theaters. Clarks women’s loafers in different shades will perfectly complement the autumn look of every girl:

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Men can also have loafers as an element of the autumn basic wardrobe: they are suitable for business meetings, work or study. You will feel comfortable in them in any weather.

a83e8801590083d5cd4bf3d8eb1fba2e.jpg ff20064e7e5d3937b97039e19c7c5339.jpg

3. Chelsea boots have been popular for a long time, because this is the very basic shoe that combines style and comfort. They will complement your stylish look in cool autumn weather.

af72015a1b72a1132e5c98526cb9a67b.jpg 75dee9a76b66153c82e8eb39737fcb65.jpg 973742376cb0012d16e07bd8ebeb6635.jpg

4. Classics of men’s shoes — boots. Soho presents Clarks boots in black and brown:

0927a1ffba8c7341256148326a5dca8b.jpg 56d6d036660ce3fb9a5711a1d7801368.jpg

5. Do not forget about the children. For little lovers of jumping through puddles in autumn, Richter rubber boots are suitable. Bright colors will cheer up not only children, but also their parents. In these boots you can measure the depth of all the puddles!

6898da0ba2a727da9d41a6e77502044f.jpg 25edb7ec9c70cbb1e70d42e36a5f972c.jpg cd2bb7c030a5aa9a2c21b0cee655c9ef.jpg

The fall season is a time of change, when summer is over and it’s time for warmer and cozier looks to walk with rustling leaves under your feet.
We have already prepared for autumn and are waiting for you in our SOHO, Clarks stores and on sohoshop.ru!


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