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How can an adult get orthopedic shoes for free?


Orthopedic shoes for adults are used in case of serious pathologies — IV degree flat feet, diabetic foot with a violation of the correct position of the toes, amputation of the toes and other problems when wearing ordinary shoes is impossible and may lead to the progression of the disorder. Since complex technologies and expensive materials are used for production, such shoes cannot be cheap, so the question often arises of how to get orthopedic shoes for an adult for free.

Documents to receive

Orthopedic shoes can be obtained free of charge by persons who have collected the following package of documents:

  • Identification code, passport;
  • The conclusion of the medical and social expert commission (MSEK), which the user can issue by contacting the polyclinic at the place of residence. He must undergo the necessary medical examination, on the basis of which a conclusion is issued. Such a commission determines for whom free orthopedic shoes for adults;
  • Statement;
  • Individual rehabilitation program.

An application with a package of documents can be submitted in three ways:

  • Through the Administrative Services Center
  • Through the body of social protection of the population (OSZN);
  • Through the electronic account of a user with a disability;

The receiving mechanism

How to get free orthopedic shoes for an adult disabled person will be explained by the employees of the organization, where the application is submitted with a package of documents. They should acquaint the customer with the catalog of products and the list of manufacturing companies from which he chooses the best.

The selected enterprise must agree on the order within 20 days. In case of refusal, he must be motivated. The customer has the right to change the selected manufacturer within 14 days.

The contract with the manufacturing enterprise is concluded by the body of social protection of the population.

To start work on the product, the consumer must provide a referral and sign a contract with the company.

Upon receipt, an act of acceptance of the transfer of the product must be signed.

Knowing how to get orthopedic shoes for adults for free, any citizen of Ukraine can do it on their own by contacting the relevant authority.

It should be understood that such shoes must be prescribed by an orthopedist, who will determine the specifics of the design in accordance with the existing problems.


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