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How long should a child wear orthopedic shoes?


How long should a child wear orthopedic shoes?

Special orthopedic shoes are prescribed by a doctor only if children have disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The purpose of such appointment is to correct violations and prevent them. The effectiveness and efficiency of such therapy directly depends on how correctly the pair is selected, and how faithfully the child follows the rules of use.
This material tells about how to wear orthopedic shoes for a child. Also here is the answer to an important question for all parents: how long should children wear orthopedic shoes.

About the efficiency and comfort of shoes

The main factor in such shoes is not only their efficiency, but also their convenience. Especially if we are talking about products for children.
Correctly selected pair:
I really comfortable;
N e interferes, does not oppress;
N e rubs the skin, even with constant use;
P departure for various situations;
WITH modern and looks beautiful;
WITH made of high-quality (most often natural) materials;
P releases air to the skin of the foot;
N likes the child himself.
And the main condition for such a correct selection is the correct selection by size and accounting for all correction tasks. At the same time, shoes can work as anti-valgus or anti-varus. Also correctly selected products should optimally fix the leg. Do not leave gaps, do not allow the foot to «dangle». But at the same time, do not squeeze and do not cause pain, do not impede blood circulation.

About the mode of application

How long should a child wear orthopedic shoes? This question worries all parents of children with disorders of the feet or musculoskeletal system without exception. It is important to know that the process of foot formation continues until the child is about 12 years old. The most intensive formation occurs from the age of 5 to 7. It is important, if there is a violation, to consult a specialist in time and start therapy, even before the age of 5.
The mode of application of shoes is individual. It is prescribed, like the special shoes themselves, by the attending physician. Only he decides how long a specific young patient needs to wear orthopedic shoes. But most often, for the desired result, a pair should be worn constantly, and not for a couple of hours a day, as many uninformed parents believe.
You can not change the conditions for the foot often. It is important that the shoes have a positive effect for a long time, during the day. Only then will the expected effect be ensured.
It is also extremely important to consider the growth of the foot. After all, for example, after the age of 3, the size of a child’s foot increases by half. And from 2 to 3 years — up to two sizes every 4-5 months. This means that the shoes will have to be changed for a new pair. High-quality orthopedic shoes will be both effective and comfortable, and will not create problems in the child’s life. In order to purchase just such, it is important to contact specialized chains of stores that are proven and trustworthy.


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