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How to get orthopedic shoes for a child?


Free orthopedic shoes for children are used for serious disorders — IV degree flat feet, complex cases of varus deformity and other pathologies in which the use of ordinary shoes with orthopedic properties is ineffective.

Such shoes are made to order, they take into account the peculiarities of the anatomical structure and the degree of impairment. For its production, high-quality materials and the latest technologies are used, therefore, it cannot be cheap.

When similar pathologies arise, users often have a question about how to get free orthopedic shoes for a child.

How many pairs of shoes can you get for free?

A disabled child (up to 18 years old) can receive up to 4 pairs of orthopedic shoes per year:

  • 2 pairs on an insulating lining;
  • 2 pairs without lining.

Documents to receive

The package of documents for free orthopedic shoes is submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Through the body of social protection of the population (OSZN);
  • Through the Administrative Services Center
  • Through the electronic account of a user with a disability.

Orthopedic shoes for children can be obtained free of charge upon presentation of a package of documents, which includes:

  • Birth Certificate;
  • Certificate from the place of residence where the child is registered;
  • Identification code of the child or one of his parents;
  • Confirmation of LCC;
  • Statement;
  • Individual rehabilitation program.

The receiving mechanism

How to get free orthopedic shoes for a child will be explained to the customer by the employees of the organization where the package of documents is submitted. They must provide a list of enterprises engaged in the manufacture of orthopedic shoes and a catalog of products.

Approval by the manufacturer takes place within 20 days. If the company refuses to fulfill the order for some reason, it must motivate its decision. The customer has the right to change the manufacturing company within 14 days after submitting the order.

The social security body places an order for the production of orthopedic shoes.

After receiving the finished shoes, the customer signs the act of acceptance and transfer, but only if he is completely satisfied with its quality.

The difference of children’s orthopedic shoes

Special orthopedic shoes for children differ from ordinary shoes:

  • Orthopedic insole that can be made to order. The insole may have special wedges to lift the foot in certain areas. In the process of correction, the position of the wedges may change;
  • A wide voluminous toe in which the fingers are in a free position;
  • Moderately hard sole that protects the foot from excessive impact load and flat feet;
  • High back, fixing the leg, which prevents dislocations.

Knowing who is entitled to free orthopedic shoes for children, you can go to the polyclinic at your place of residence for an appointment with an orthopedist and undergo an examination to prepare the documents for receiving it.


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