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5 mistakes when choosing demi-season shoes


Among the many models of demi-season shoes, it is sometimes difficult to find exactly the one that can delight you with its beauty and quality for more than one season. Today we will analyze the most common mistakes when choosing autumn-winter shoes, and also offer their solution!

1. The choice of off-season shoes should be approached thoroughly. It is important to try on shoes before buying: walk around the store in it, make sure that you are comfortable and comfortable in this model, and the foot is in its natural position. It is important to note that you should also not try on shoes in the morning, because in the evening, from fatigue or walking, the legs may swell slightly.

The size
2. Buying demi-season shoes back to back is another common mistake. Most people think that over time shoes will wear out and become looser, but such shoes will retain heat to a lesser extent. You should choose a model one size larger (especially for shoes with fur), then a layer of air will remain inside, and if necessary, you can wear socks.

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Number of pairs of shoes
3. Having one pair of shoes for the off-season is a very dubious decision. For cold and rainy weather, a leather model with insulation and a thickened sole is necessary. For warm — breathable and with a soft sole. We also advise you to carefully read the recommendations from the manufacturer so that the shoes last as long as possible.

4. Often we pay more attention to the appearance of shoes than the sole. During the icy period, we recommend giving preference to models without high heels, with thick soles and a clear relief.

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Outdoor temperature
5. The period of operation of demi-season shoes is the off-season, that is, up to -10 degrees. It should be borne in mind that only shoes with a membrane coating can withstand such temperatures, thanks to which wind and water cannot penetrate inside. In the absence of a membrane, demi-season shoes can be worn during frosts up to -5 degrees. Therefore, in order to avoid hypothermia already at lower temperatures, it will have to be postponed in your wardrobe until the next season.

We are sure that following our simple tips will definitely allow you to spend the off-season only in high-quality and durable shoes, which you can always find in our stores!


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