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Fashionable bathrobes — or all about fashion for home bathrobes

Robe — the fruit of the imagination of the wise East, which at one fine moment became quite tangible, very soft and comfortable reality. Oriental women, hiding their beauty from the outside world, reveal themselves only for their man, giving preference to this particular item of clothing. Until now, in the East, a dressing gown is considered an almost intimate thing, an indicator of fine taste and a reflection of the material status of the owner of the house. But for us, the children of the USSR, it is very difficult to imagine that a dressing gown can and SHOULD be a source of style. It should be the main note of home comfort music, it should emphasize refined femininity and peculiarity. Do you want your house to play just like that? Then use the advice of our fashion expert and create your own, unique image of home comfort.

fashionable and cozy bathrobes

8 secrets of choosing a fashionable dressing gown

Natural fabrics are on trend

Bamboo, linen, cotton, silk and even viscose are a quality that never goes out of style. Bathrobes made from these materials look expensive, very practical and invariably beautiful. Even with a simple, classic cut, these robes top the scale of preferences of leading fashionistas and fashionistas around the world. After all, comfort and a sense of coziness is the first condition for a happy smile on your face!

keep style

A free style that does not restrict movement, a lowered shoulder line is the main indicator of a fashionable dressing gown. A bathrobe should be a friend, a faithful assistant in all household endeavors, regardless of whether it is cleaning or a spa, dinner with loved ones or relaxing with a book in hand. Designers have identified two main, leading styles for bathrobes.

The first is a light bodice, without clear cut lines and flared hem, with an obligatory smell and a wide belt, A-shaped structure. This style will adorn girls with full hips and a well-defined waist.

The second is a free cut with a zipper or buttons with obligatory ruffles or patch pockets. Such a style will help to hide an annoying (or vice versa 🙂 tummy or a genetically determined lack of a waist, and will return a feeling of lightness to the image.

loose fit robe

Everything determines the color

Another trendy indicator is color. As a rule, white, turquoise, sand, gray, aquamarine and mint are in the first positions in the color line of bathrobes. These colors soothe, relieve stress after a hard day’s work, neutralize negative energy.

fashion robe colors

Very popular are the so-calledcolor duets«. Two-tone bathrobes are ideal for people with figure flaws. For example, using a play of color, you can emphasize the chest line and hide a few extra pounds. Or vice versa — hide the protruding edges and round the shapes a little. With the help of two colors it is easy to place accents and make any dressing gown look luxurious.

colorful robes

Fashionistas should remember the main rule: the dark colors of the background of the bathrobe — slim, light — add weight visually. Moreover, regardless of the duet color or print that the dressing gown is decorated with.

Well, in the rest, color is an indicator of the taste and style of each individual person. Pick up home clothes to match your eyes, hair, bedding and even slippers. The main thing is that the choice pleases the heart, and you will wear this thing with pleasure later on!

Large prints and glossy texture

Another trendy mood among bathrobe experts is visualization and expressiveness. With the help of bright prints and floral decor, designers emphasize the individuality of home clothes. Make it special just for you. Agree, it’s nice when a dressing gown guesses your mood? Hearts, polka dots, stars and even portraits of your favorite football stars are all in style no matter the season!

oversized print robe

Another fashionable negligent nuance: glossy fabric texture. In this way, designers want to tell us: “even at home you should sparkle like stars in the sky!”. Well, in a practical sense, gloss is a uniform weaving of a fabric, using a minimum percentage of polyester or lycra. This bathrobe is just what you need to withstand a great many washes, ironing and spilled morning coffee by chance and at the same time remain in perfect condition! To continue to please you, and to envelop, like a royal person in a magic mantle!

Kimono, embroidery, lace

Real women of fashion and girls who know a lot about the art of seduction have always been equal in home clothes to the inhabitants of the East. Particularly Japan. Kimono robe — has been a hit for several fashion seasons in a row and it seems that he does not plan to leave his positions. Many people love the kimono robe for its peculiar free cut, wide belt and an interesting cutout on the chest, emphasizing femininity.

kimono robe

Well, two more attributes of primordial female sexuality — embroidery and lace. They, too, will never go out of fashion, and will always attract the restless glances of men. The lace decor of the hem or cutout of the robe, the lace insert on the back are the weapons of a woman who wants to always be desired.

bathrobe with lace

And another hit of the season — colorful embroidery in ethno style. Whether it’s Ukrainian mallow, or Japanese sakura, or Egyptian geometry, it doesn’t matter. Designers of the world, including those who create clothes for the home, are delighted with intricate ornaments that can turn any, even the most ordinary thing, into a textile masterpiece.

bathrobe with ethnic embroidery

Clasps: deep wrap and zipper

Usually, bathrobe manufacturers use these two types of fasteners. Less often — they sew dressing gowns with buttons.

Smell — it’s damn sexy, and convenient in terms of the versatility of the model and figure. Everyone can, with the help of a few simple tricks, fit any dressing gown. True, there is a nuance. Wrap bathrobes are an option only for the home. For walks, it is better to look at other models.

For example, robe with zipper. This model is convenient and practical. In a bathrobe with a zipper, you can both do housework and walk to the nearest beach.

robe with zipper

Robe length

In casual fashion, regardless of the time of year, there is always a worthy place for mini, midi and maxi. Just in the matter of length, the decisive factor is the figure of the buyer. Everyone, without exception, will fit a long warm terry dressing gown — this is a fact. But short robes will suit only the owners of slender legs. However, girls with extraordinary figures do not rush to get upset! After all, it is a robe of this length that will hide all the shortcomings of the waist, emphasize the magnificent chest, but … here the legs should be really slender. There are no compromises here. Otherwise, the reflection in the dressing room mirror will not please you.

short bathrobe

But the midi length is more suitable for men. This length is practical, comfortable and emphasizes the modesty and hidden strength of the wearer.

Style and textiles

Style is a way of self-expression, an emphasized individuality, a combination of creativity and precise form. A bathrobe, like any other item in a person’s life, has its own style. Fashion experts highlight several leading robe styles.

Sporty style

If you strive for convenience and minimalism, this style is just for you. Subdued practical tones, consistent quality and naturalness of the material and tailoring, ¾ sleeve length and zip fastening. Sports paraphernalia is allowed in terms of prints and, of course, no glamor and glitz!

sports robe

retro movie

If you are yearning for youth, for the days of simple Soviet knitwear and a “pink dressing gown with mother-of-pearl buttons” — then the retro style is just for you! Ruffles, patch pockets, loose sleeves and bright colors — that’s the famous vintage of the 60s!

retro robe


Another style of joy, color and melodic harmony with nature. Connoisseurs of this style are called «flower children», and they are very proud of it! Fashionable dressing gowns in this style are decorated with large flowers or prints in the form of feathers and beads, but at the same time, the base for decor is soft glossy pastel.

robe in woodstock style

white elegance

White color is a sign of sophistication and aristocracy. Such dressing gowns are chosen by people who know their worth, who know how to enjoy life. Regardless of the length, material and style, the white color of the dressing gown creates a status for its owner.

white elegant robe


Well, if you are just a self-confident person who does not need to change anything, buy the classics. A classic long terry or velor wrap dressing gown is the choice of those who value stability and time-tested values.

classic bathrobe

Fashion is a capricious and changeable substance. But when choosing a bathrobe, comfort and quality are more important! And, of course, a special detail that will help the heart to determine that this thing has been waiting for you all the time! Well, “Minutes of Comfort” is a store of special things for every taste and for every occasion!


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