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How to choose a towel

There are many types of towels in the world. Distinguish them:

    — by destination (for a bath, for a face, for hands, for legs, for a kitchen, for children, etc.)

    — according to the material from which they are made (cotton, bamboo, linen, microfiber, synthetics)

    — according to the density, specific gravity and method of weaving the fabric

    — by size

      You can read more about the production, types and properties of towels. here

      And now let’s talk about the main thing. Imagine: you are in a large textile store, standing in front of an endless row of shelves. And on them — thousands of towels of different colors, densities, sizes. How to choose the «right» towel? How to find, in the end, exactly what you came here for?

      assortment of towels

      Each of these towels claims to be the best. The one that absorbs moisture as quickly as possible, dries quickly, remains soft for a long time. But which ones will really live up to your expectations? Let’s do an experiment using an example assortment of towels of the store «Minutes of Comfort».

      Ability to absorb moisture. This is the first and most important quality of towels. Because if a towel is not capable of drying your skin after a shower, bath or sauna, then what’s the point in using it? We poured a certain amount of water on each towel and measured how much glass was left from it without wringing.

      Drying time. Tell me, can there be anything worse than coming out of the bathroom to see your favorite towel damp since yesterday? Yes, and a foul-smelling mold? We moistened each experimental towel with an equal amount of water and recorded the time it took to dry at room temperature.

      Shrinkage. We measured the length of each new towel and then did it again after the first and fifth wash. As a rule, if textiles really shrink, then this happens after a few washes.

      Strength. And we also wondered if the towel would withstand pressure if the children suddenly decided to use it as a rope? And how will the textile fabric behave in this game after several washes?

      Color fastness. In order to test this, we washed a snow-white waffle towel with each sample. And — recorded the result.

      Appearance. After several washing/drying/ironing cycles, we decided to look at the results of our experiment simply with the naked eye and evaluate the appearance of the towels.

      And here are the general conclusions from our experiment we made.

      What you need to know when choosing a towel

      1. The ability to absorb moisture depends on the material from which the towel is made.. Cotton towels (especially high density from 400 g/m2) are great for use after bathing.

      2. Cotton terry and bamboo are recognized as the best absorbent of all existing types of terry cloth. Cotton and bamboo towels are an excellent choice for baths, baths and saunas. In addition to high absorbency, they do not electrify, do not cause skin irritation and remain durable even after numerous washes.

      3. Also, bamboo towels gave the maximum antibacterial effect. They dry the fastest and are hypoallergenic.

      four. Thin cotton towels dry quickly. Products made from heavy and dense terry cloth need more time to dry.

      5. A high quality towel should be made from terry cloth with thick, medium length cotton fiber. Turkey, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan are the producers of just such a fabric.

      quality towels

      How to check the quality of a towel right in the store

      First of all, evaluate the towel visually. Like or dislike? Then, evaluate the length, thickness and density of the weave loops. Experts say that the loops of the terry should stand like spring grass in the garden. If weaving looks like thin bristles, this is a bad sign. Such a towel in use will be tough. Towel pile length is optimal from 3.5 mm to 7 mm. The thicker the threads of the loops, the higher the absorbent capacity of the towel. The longer the villi, the faster the towel will lose its presentation during use.

      Find out the name producing country. Towels can be made from different types of cotton, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Turkmen cotton absorbs moisture better than other types, which makes it an ideal material for bath towels and bathrobes. At the same time, Turkish cotton strikes the perfect balance between absorbency and softness.

      Feel towel. Is it soft to the touch, velvety, or rough? If the towel is scratchy or hard, it indicates poor quality. There should be no greasy or waxy coating on the fingers. Otherwise, it is a peremptory proof of the use of chemicals in the manufacture or transportation of textiles.

      Think by eye towel weight. The heavier it is, the higher its quality, and the longer it will last you. The lighter the towel, the thinner it is, the lower its ability to absorb moisture and the lower its wear resistance.

      Rate the color. The towel should be evenly dyed, the villi — plain. You should not find any streaks, differences, color inhomogeneities upon careful examination of the textile product.

      Look at the label. If, for example, the label says that the towel is made of 100% cotton, and there is a postscript (ELS) in brackets — buy without hesitation! This designation indicates that the towel is made of natural cotton, recognized in the world as the highest quality material for textiles. But if, after notification, 100% cotton is in brackets (M), this means that such a towel is made with the addition of artificial fibers. (PC) generally denotes a significant addition of such a synthetic material as polyestercotton.

      towel label

      Check out the details. Little things like seams, stitching and finishes can also tell a lot about the quality of a towel. The seams should be even, the stitching should be double (this prevents early wear), and all trim elements are perfectly sewn to the towel.

      towel seam quality

      Price. Another significant indicator is the price. As a rule, quality towels are more expensive. But they will last you longer. Remember this. The economic benefit is obvious.

      With this knowledge, you are guaranteed to buy a quality item. And — surround yourself and your loved ones with comfort. One of the simplest human joys — bathing — will turn from an ordinary ritual into a pleasure of the highest standard!


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