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Pajamas for home. Inner comfort fashion

Just imagine: a person comes home, in the evening, tired and exhausted by stress, communication, exhausted physically, morally and mentally. He hurries to the shower to wash away the day. And then he really wants the sun. Heat. Tenderness. Something that would make you smile. To relax. Inhale deeply the aroma of home comfort and turn on the self-healing mechanism. What is the thing that inspires him? Become his companion at the stage of relaxation and recovery? Robe? Maybe. Warm, cozy. However, it is so common! Immediately, an association with a deep “scoop” that has been imposed over the years arises in my head: a woman, in curlers, in worn-out slippers and a dressing gown. Boredom is deadly. The coat is a wonderful thing! But only if you are going to walk in it from the bathroom to the bedroom. 2 minutes. Dot.

Another variant: sport suit. Also, however, one of the popular home outfits. But it looks organic only on the person who, even on weekdays, is close friends with sports. And if you are a sweet lady with rounded shapes who doesn’t even know where the gym is located in the city, then in such a home outfit you will look at least strange. Excess weight and bad mood are multiplied by two in a person dressed in a tracksuit. And if you consider that the suit is of medium quality, mouse-colored and has been in operation for a long time, then by as many as three. Do you need it?

Well, now about why pajamas are man’s best friend. At home, on weekdays and holidays. Behind closed doors, in the intimate atmosphere of family communication, in play with children and in the kitchen.

homemade pajamas photo

Five pros for pajamas

one. Comfort. The main requirement for home clothes for a modern person, as you remember, is convenience. Zippers, buttons and locks are annoying on weekdays. Office dress code, business clothes, special uniforms, the desire to look better in the team than you really are, the dream to hide extra pounds, crooked legs and the first wrinkles on the neck — all these are features of daily discomfort. At home, a person can remove the mask. Be yourself. But pajamas can become a friend, a magic wand that will carry out this return to yourself. Loose jacket and pants with an elastic band or, even better, a drawstring. No extra seams, no buttons. Everything is easy to put on and even easier to take off. Not a single detail interferes with a good rest.

comfortable homemade pajamas photo

2. naturalness. Another requirement for home clothes is the maximum naturalness of the fabric that touches the tired body. Cotton, linen, high-quality knitwear, mixed fabrics with a preponderance towards the natural thread in the composition. Such home clothes will not irritate the skin, cause allergies, redness and itching, unpleasantly electrify and spark. It is pajamas that lead by this indicator in all possible ratings. After all, it is primarily intended for sleep. And this means that in terms of technical characteristics it is more natural than any other possible home clothing.

natural homemade pajamas photo

3. Versatility. Pajamas are universal home clothes. In it, you can do household chores, play with children, cook something tasty, and with all this, especially on weekends, return to bed again. To sleep, read your favorite books, watch new movies and generate new ideas. The optimal length of the sleeves of the sweater and trousers with elastic cuffs will not allow you to spoil such a home outfit with annoying stains from oil and coffee. They will not interfere with holding a remote control and a brush, a pen and a baby in their hands. Pajamas — invented precisely so that in the family circle you are happy with your worries, and not be distracted by an annoying annoying factor — uncomfortable sleeves or slipping trousers.

universal home pajamas photo

four. life-affirming color. The color scheme of pajamas is unique in its diversity, and is able to satisfy any, even the strangest and most sophisticated taste. In «Minutes of Comfort» you can find bright sunny, and soft chocolate, relaxing green and dreamy blue. Delicate pink and very feminine violet. All this is the «pajama palette» of our store. Only such home clothes as pajamas can adapt to any mood, worldview and life circumstances.

bright homemade pajamas photo

5. originality. Pajamas can also be exclusive clothing. All you have to do is choose the package that suits you. You must feel your thing. And also, pay attention to interesting solutions, prints, checks and stripes, flowers and hearts. For any type of human character, we have something exclusive. What emphasizes, fills the symphony of the sound of home comfort with special notes.

original homemade pajamas photo

We hope we have convinced you! But if, nevertheless, even a drop of doubt remains, we continue the conversation!

Types of pajamas for home

At home, I want to wear something pleasant to the touch, cozy, not restricting movement. We have already decided that it will be pajamas. But what should it be in order to meet two criteria at the same time: comfortable and fashionable? Some useful pajama style tips for the season.


original homemade pajamas photo

In the summer, pajamas with t-shirts are popular.. The main requirement: they should be as natural and free as possible. Do not over-tighten the figure. After all, the body should not only «breathe», but also at this time to rest. The ideal option is cotton V-neck t-shirts and lightweight knit trousers with elasticated cuffs. The bottom of the pajamas can also be replaced with shorts or capris, if desired and the degree of plus on the thermometer.

Knitted tops and tank tops in a pajama set — also a very comfortable home dress code for a hot summer. In such pajamas it will be convenient to host around the house or just enjoy the silence, lying on the couch.

A little more about pajamas with shorts. Knitted «cropped pants» that do not restrict movement are perfectly combined with hoodies, T-shirts and T-shirts, tops and even sweaters with a mid-length sleeve.


summer homemade pajamas photo

Quality jersey tops with 3/4 sleeves and drawstring loose trousers — a great option for the off-season. When the house is not too hot and you want to wear something more serious than a T-shirt, such pajamas will be just a godsend.

Spring is a special time, it requires changes and dresses. Dresses and love. In «Minutes of Comfort» there is an exclusive option for a special, spring home comfort — pajama dresses.


demi-season homemade pajamas photo

Classic two-piece pajamas in warm fabric (mahra, fleece, flannel, microfiber) — indispensable in the winter cold. In such pajamas it will be comfortable to sleep and do household chores.

Pajamas consisting of a sweater and baggy trousers (gauchos) is also convenient for home in winter. She is universal. In it, you can both cook breakfast and work out on a simulator or do a couple of invigorating yoga exercises.

Pajamas — a fashion that can create inner comfort

Pajamas are a mood item. New Year, spring, holiday. It can be created both for yourself, your beloved, and for the whole family, dressing all your relatives in one home style!

warm homemade pajamas photo

Pajamas are intimate. Through it, they confess their love, give thanks, celebrate victories and admit defeats. Pajamas are almost the highest degree of kinship and gratitude to dear people for the most intimate emotions that they give rise to in you.

family home pajamas photo

In pajamas, it’s good to dream about the future and be sad, about what did not come true, to compose poetry and create inner Paris, with its mystery, whims and the ability to infinitely love life.

soulful homemade pajamas photo

In pajamas, it is easier to perceive bad news, and it is more fun to rejoice at good news. With its soft texture, it softens the blows of fate. It multiplies all the good things in our heart and in our home.

In high-quality pajamas — quality sleep and a pleasant awakening,

comfortable homemade pajamas photo

work is easier, and gambling is more exciting.

comfortable homemade pajamas photo

Pajamas are a thing that can create comfort inside and around you. Get yourself some pajamas! Create a sunny mood! Be fashionable, beautiful, mysterious with pajamas from Minutes of Comfort!


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