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Types of pajamas or how to choose pajamas for home

The choice of pajamas is 70% a matter of taste. There are many design trends, models and styles, colors and combinations of kits. However, there is no person who would not agree with the statement: “Pajamas should be so comfortable that, even if you are late for work, you don’t want to take them off.” The main criterion for choosing such an intimate thing as pajamas is a consistently comfortable sleep and the convenience of everyday wear. That’s just in this — the remaining 30%, very important.

how to choose pajamas

Types of pajamas. Criteria for choosing pajamas

There are several important factors that we recommend that the buyer be guided by in the process of choosing pajamas.

Fabrics for sewing pajamas

Nowadays, in the manufacture of sleepwear, manufacturers use both natural and artificial fabrics. However, the most optimal material for sewing pajamas is the so-called mixed version of the fabric: the base of the fabric is a natural thread, with the addition of a certain percentage of synthetic fibers. Such fabrics are wear-resistant and very pleasant to the body, which ensures a comfortable sleep in your favorite thing for many years.

Popular materials:

Cotton. Thin jersey for the spring-summer season, and fluffy terry for the winter — it’s all cotton. This material is practical, pleasant to the touch, breathable, hypoallergenic and can easily compete for superiority with other practical materials on price. However, the minus of natural cotton pajamas is that they are quite capricious in their care. Does not like synthetic detergents, high temperatures, easily loses color and stretches. To save your favorite thing (in the future, for sure, it will become so) from rapid wear and tear, and you from grief, manufacturers add a little synthetic thread to cotton. It can be polyester, lycra or elastane. Such combinations give rise to popular velor and interlock. Blended fabric is more durable and pajamas made from it will serve you faithfully for several years.

cotton pajamas

Silk, satin, satin. Silk is a natural fabric, satin and satin are a more budget option made of synthetic thread, which are not inferior in appearance to silk. All three types of fabric are used to make gorgeous, very romantic, beautiful pajamas. And, for both men and women. Natural silk differs from its artificial counterparts in that it wrinkles easily and is more demanding in care. Satin and satin, on the contrary, do not crumple, but give rise to static energy. The effect of «sticking» pajamas to the body is neutralized with special antistatic sprays.

silk pajamas

Fleece, microfiber. These are artificial fabrics made of polyester or polyamide. They are highly valued by pajama manufacturers for their density, lightness, warmth and ability to dry quickly after washing. Fleece is also endowed with the ability to resist various bacteria and fungi. Microfiber, in turn, is durable, does not require ironing and does not shrink when washed. Both materials are great for sewing winter pajamas. The most convenient option is a set of trousers and a sweater. Most often, pajamas made from these fabrics are used as clothes for the home. To save the skin from direct contact with synthetics, we recommend wearing such pajamas, underwear made of knitwear.

fleece pajamas

Viscose, modal. Great materials for making summer pajamas. These fabrics are classified as artificial, as they are obtained by processing wood fiber. Nevertheless, they are almost in no way inferior to natural ones. Viscose breathes, perfectly absorbs moisture, antiseptic, does not spark when rubbed. Modal is also a hygienic fabric. It impresses with lightness, practicality (does not wrinkle, resistant to mechanical damage, has a low percentage of shrinkage during washing — up to 0.5%). Both fabrics look great, give a pleasant tactile sensation. And, most importantly, pajamas from them are cheaper than from silk or 100% cotton.

viscose pajamas

Styles, equipment and styles of pajamas

The fashion industry has not ignored such an important part of the wardrobe as pajamas. However, the style and offer in the «sleepwear» section for men and women is different.

Popular styles of women’s pajamas:

classical. These pajamas consist of wide trousers and a loose button-down shirt. In terms of cut, the model is similar to the male.

classic women's pajamas

However, the requirements of the modern world have forced designers to slightly modernize the classic cut. Variations on the theme of classics among women’s pajamas are sets consisting of a loose sweater and trousers or breeches with an elastic band at the bottom of the leg.

Model with shorts, capris, breeches. We would call this style «lightweight classic». Since these pajamas are sewn from light thin fabrics (silk, viscose, satin) and they are intended mainly for the summer season. The top of such pajamas is a T-shirt, top or T-shirt. It also suggests a shortened version of the sleeve in order to create maximum comfort for sleeping and relaxing in the summer.

women's pajamas with shorts

Onesie Pajamas. One-piece clothing (most often, from terry, velor, fleece) is ideal for winter and for those who toss and turn in their sleep.

women pajama jumpsuit

sexy pajamas. Separately, we would like to mention very feminine pajamas, the main functional task of which is to delight and please the eye. They are sewn from thin, translucent materials, usually from viscose, satin, silk, satin. Use lace inserts, exquisite decor. These pajamas are frank, repeat the line of the body, fitting the silhouette.

sexy women pajamas

Popular styles of pajamas for men:

Stylish classic. Two-piece pajamas, a classic set consisting of long pants with a free cut and a shirt (sweater). As a rule, men’s pajamas are sewn from cotton, linen and their mixed varieties.

classic men's pajamas

Summer classic. Also, two-piece pajamas, however, in the set instead of trousers and a shirt — a T-shirt and shorts made of lightweight fabrics — viscose, fine knitwear. Such pajamas in the summer can be used as home and even beachwear.

summer men's pajamas

Silk pajamas — a kind of men’s sexual clothing. If women are more pretentious in choosing clothes and it is more difficult for them to choose a thing that emphasizes sexuality, then it is easier for men in this regard. On a well-built figure, a shirt and pants set made of silk or satin will look incredible. Although, such pajamas also have a number of disadvantages: it does not absorb moisture well and does not allow air to pass through.

silk men's pajamas

kigurumi pajamas. A kind of overalls sewn from warm fabrics — terry, flannel, velor, fleece or microfiber. Fastener — zipper or buttons. Recently, it is kigurumi that has been leading in the list of preferences of young, creative people. However, most often these pajamas are bought for children or teenagers.

Color solutions, prints of modern pajamas

Another criterion that affects the choice of pajamas is color.

As a rule, men are more modest and conservative in color preferences. Therefore, most often they opt for restrained tones: dark blue, brown, black, graphite, light gray and burgundy. More adventurous representatives of the stronger sex choose pajamas with stripes or a cage.

plain men's pajamas

As for women, each fashion season dictates its own rules to them. Today, plain pajamas made of thin knitwear, delicate, pastel colors for winter, warm pajamas, and bright, juicy solutions for sexy “sleeping” outfits are especially popular. However, there are several specific color hits: purple, cherry, chocolate, bright yellow, salad, blue and white. In addition, fabrics with floral patterns, geometric patterns, abstraction and oriental motifs are no less popular.

colored women's pajamas

A bit of psychology to motivate choice

Psychologists say that they can determine the character of a person (especially women) by seeing his pajamas!

features of choosing pajamas

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one. People who sleep in flannel pajamas — natures are kind, disinterested, cheerful and able to sympathize, empathize with the suffering of others. And yet, they are very open, they cannot live without publicity and general attention.

2. People who prefer strict classics — perfectionists, they should have everything perfect, both outside and inside. Clear lines, discreet colors — in such pajamas it is comfortable for people who are sensitive, vulnerable and withdrawn. They are easy to offend and they live by the opinions of others.

3. Silk and open sexuality — the lot of romantic and tender natures. More than anything, they love attention, and they cannot live without compliments.

four. People who sleep in animal print pajamas — fans of comfort, regularity and constancy. They are strongly attached to their friends, hate noisy companies, caring in relationships with loved ones. At heart, they are always sensitive children.

5. People who sleep in pajamas made exclusively from natural fabrics — benevolent and sincere. They do not like hypocrites and are terribly modest in everything.

See our catalog of women’s, men’s and children’s pajamas, read reviews about pajamas and feel free to make a purchase! Hear in yourself the voice of taste, passion and whisper of character! Let our pajamas make you feel comfortable, warm and boundless happiness overwhelms your whole being!


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