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Wedding robe or bridesmaid robe

Wedding is a long-awaited event. And the longer you wait for it, the more the heart is filled with excitement, anxiety. And to get rid of the pre-wedding blues — there is a bachelorette party! And this is exactly the first event in the wedding fuss, for which you definitely need a bathrobe! And not only for the future newlywed, but for all her girlfriends! However, a wedding dressing gown is an almost irreplaceable thing. Before the wedding, during and after. Let’s try to build a chronology of events for a wedding gown and choose the appropriate model for each individual moment of a happy event.

The right wedding robe — when it might come in handy

Bathrobes for a bachelorette party

bathrobe for bachelorette party

Before the wedding, the girls usually get together. Chat about this and that, remember your youth, even play pranks a little, what a sin there is to hide! As a rule, a bachelorette party begins modestly at the bride’s house and often develops into a huge private party with dancing, alcohol, and striptease. However, in order not to irritate the future husband, the party gets the name “pajama party” in advance. But we like to call it “robe” more, since this wardrobe item is closer to us, and (if we reconsider the meaning of the word robe) it more accurately corresponds to the meaning of the holiday. What are the best dressing gowns for such a holiday? Most often, girls wear tiny mini-robes with a floral print. Material — silk, satin, viscose. Lightweight fabrics, very feminine pattern, loose fit and seductive length. Exactly what you need for a pre-wedding bachelorette party in bathrobes!

Bathrobes for SPA and beauty salon

bathrobe for spa and beauty salon

But the morning after the bachelorette party is the time to put yourself in order. After all, every bride should look perfect and fall in love with herself again not only the beloved man, but also his mother, and numerous aunts and uncles. Yes, and girlfriends need to refresh the natural beauty. SPA, a full range of beauty salon procedures — from manicure to massage — this is a worthy continuation of yesterday’s bachelorette party! The bathrobe at this crucial moment is also an irreplaceable friend and helper, both of the bride and her bridesmaids. For a beauty salon, a light waffle dressing gown in pastel colors is perfect. A dressing gown made of such material perfectly passes air, creates a feeling of comfort, helps to prolong pleasant bliss after massage and SPA (due to the “waffle” texture of the fabric, the bathrobe creates a light massage effect). Also, waffle robes are easy to wash and dry quickly. Just a find of the day!

Morning dressing gown for the bride

bridesmaid dressing gown

We did not have time to look back for pleasant procedures, and the first day of a new life is already beginning! The same, responsible, solemn. And how you want to meet him with the whole parade. But so that a cloud of mystery, romantic flair and incredible femininity, along with the remnants of a dream, hovered around the room. The bride must see and feel beautiful! The first look at yourself in the mirror in the morning sets the mood for the whole day! And it must be wonderful, like a long-awaited event! The bride’s morning dressing gown is a plain velour, thin cotton, decorated with a lace insert or braid. This is a noble silk, the color of the blue sky, or ivory. There is no place for prints. Guipure, lace, shiny texture of fabrics, nobility and charm in every, even the most insignificant, movement. True, you can play with the length of the bride’s morning dressing gown. You can emphasize girlish negligence with a mini dressing gown. And, on the contrary, to focus on innocence — a modest dressing gown to the floor. A special, soft chaste robe made of high quality cotton with lace trim, preferably in cream color. Clasp — a smell, a lowered line of a shoulder and an obligatory decorative highlight!

Dressing gown for a pre-wedding photo session

bathrobe for wedding photo shoot

According to the tradition existing in our country, the bride had no time to wake up, and the photographer with the videographer was already right there! After all, the memory of today’s event should remain forever on the pages of the photo album! Every moment, every step, every look. Along with extra pounds, with protruding ribs, crooked legs, unless, of course, you are really a symbol of unreal, impeccable beauty. To present oneself (and, above all, on a wedding morning!) So that for really many years in a row a sultry, ideal beauty looks at everyone from the photo, the task, frankly, is not at all an easy one. But real, if you know a few secrets. When choosing a dressing gown for a morning photo session, you should give preference to models made from delicate, ephemeral materials. The morning of the wedding is the backdrop for thick silk. We do not recommend wearing warm terry bathrobes, thick velor pajamas on such a day, because in such an accompaniment of sophisticated, feminine photos will not work. But also transparent, too frank peignoirs with guipure and lace should be kept until the evening. For a morning photo shoot, they are not appropriate. Colors — cornflower, white, beige, mint, ivory and other pastel shades. The main rule for such a shoot is that the bride should look sophisticated, harmonious and in no case vulgar.

Bathrobe — a gift from the groom to his beloved

robe groom gift

In many European countries, there is a beautiful morning wedding tradition: while the bride is still sleeping, the groom or his relatives deliver the first gift for today to her room. A large box with a cloud of lace: a dressing gown, underwear, a leg garter. For such a gift, a dressing gown should be a really sophisticated thing: satin, guipure, lace. This thing should embody the totality of tender feelings for the beloved and all the passion that a man is capable of.

Wedding peignoir — outfit for the wedding night

robe for the first wedding night

A peignoir is a special women’s dressing gown, originally from France. Special, for a special occasion. When all the fuss of the wedding day is left behind and the bedroom doors are closing behind the newlyweds, you simply cannot find a more appropriate thing! A wedding peignoir is an ornate cloud of silk, satin, satin, guipure and lace. Definitely white. This is, as it were, a continuation of the line of the main dress of the wedding day. Modesty and shyness are no longer appropriate here. Complex patterns, decor, expensive fabric and frankness of lines — these are the main elements of the outfit for the wedding night.

Bathrobe with a personalized decor for the honeymoon

robe with personalized embroidery

The honeymoon is a continuation of the celebration of love, which was born on the wedding night. Accordingly, on a honeymoon trip with your loved one, you can take the same peignoir, or you can take a special thing, a bathrobe with a personalized patch, which will emphasize the tender affection of the spouses for each other, touching attention to detail, where the names of two already appear. For a honeymoon, practical dressing gowns made of thin cotton, velor and waffle fabric are suitable. Choose things that definitely suit you and make you irresistible. And, of course, a monogram! Ask the master to make a patch. It can be both the names of you, lovers, and emphasized respect for the new status, embroidered with gold threads on the back — Mrs. (and the surname of the accomplished husband).
So, let’s sum up and go through the style and highlights of dressing gowns for the bride.

Features of dressing gowns for the bride

Bathrobe — kimono

bridesmaid robe kimono

The perfect cut of this dressing gown leaves room for men’s imagination. Satin or silk, trimmed with lace inserts on the sleeves and along the hem, a loose wraparound closure and a symbolic belt, plus a mini-length, a refined, without double meanings addition to the notorious passion of newlyweds in love!

Bamboo and linen — a comfortable honeymoon

bamboo bridal gown

Unfortunately, «sexy» isn’t always synonymous with «comfortable.» Therefore, girls who know their worth, even for their honeymoon, choose dressing gowns made from environmentally friendly modern materials, such as bamboo or linen. Such modest dressing gowns, decorated with minimal decor, look very good and expensive and emphasize the individuality of the owner who knows her own worth.

Lightweight cotton bathrobe

bridal robe light cotton

Cotton is another natural material. And naturalness, we repeat, is a sign of good taste and nobility. Ideally emphasize the dignity of the figure and at the same time discard the frivolity of nature, a modest at first glance, a light dressing gown made of thin cotton with a classic cut will help. The colors of the moment are white, beige, turquoise, sand and cream.

Waffle bathrobe — for all occasions

dressing gown for the bride waffle

A waffle robe is a no-brainer thing. But that’s why she’s beautiful! It will take up little space in a travel bag, in a hotel — just a godsend! Simplicity and modesty, ease of use and environmental friendliness. Add here also the noble color scheme in which manufacturers make waffle dressing gowns, and it will become simply an indispensable thing for the bride!

Flowers as a print

robe for the bride with flowers

Floral motif is a sign of emphasized femininity, cordiality and celebration at the same time. A floral print on a silk or satin robe is another symbol of the happiness of a new family. For the bride’s dressing gown, it is appropriate and very desirable!

Length matters

For wedding gowns, stylists recommend two lengths: ultra mini and transparent maxi. The bride should be mysterious and sexy, and therefore no neutral, boring and silent midi can be a priori!

Bridal gown colors

The dressing gown for the bride is white and all the noble, pastel shades of the color range. The color of freshly fallen snow is the main color for the bride. But peach and aquamarine, beige and turquoise, cornflower and green tea are also quite appropriate in the whirlwind of wedding celebration events. Even bright tones of red and burning black will adorn the bride if they match her temperament. The main thing is to emphasize the beauty of the girl and not go beyond the bounds of the proper event, decency.

Monograms and embroidery on robes

A good tradition, once seen in the USA by one of the leading designers of our country, has created in Ukraine an entire industry of monograms, logos, monograms on textiles. A special patch that symbolizes your feelings and consists of the names of the newlyweds — an exclusive, subtle detail of a wedding gown!

Buy wedding gowns worthy of the most beautiful brides in «Minutes of Comfort» and keep good wedding traditions and the flame of passion in brand new family hearths!


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