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Let’s go to the bright side


Light shoes look fresh, noble and elegant. In autumn and winter, she consolidated her position in fashionable wardrobes, and the current trend moved into the current season.

Today we will talk about white, beige, milky and other light shades of shoes. It will fit perfectly into any summer wardrobe.

Despite stereotypes, light shoes are practical: they can be worn in any weather. The main thing is to take care of it properly, and how to do this, you can read in our article: 5 rules for caring for white shoes (sohoshop.ru).

Light shoes are basic, you can choose different shades and models: sneakers, sneakers, shoes, loafers, mules, clogs, sandals, slates or ankle boots.

Keds and sneakers can be worn all year round. They are combined with jeans, trousers, dresses, bermudas. Here you will find sneakers and sneakers of various brands: versatile Pepe Jeans London, classic Clarks or trendy British Knights.

For those who have a dress code at work, loafers and pumps are suitable. Beige Clarks will go well with any office outfit: dresses, skirts or pantsuits. If you prefer flat shoes, then our best-selling white Clarks loafers will suit you. The secret of their success lies in the combination of fashionable form and universal white color. Clarks shoes are always distinguished by impeccable English quality.

Mules and clogs are now at the peak of popularity. Sandals are a more relaxed and conservative version of summer shoes. This season, SOHO has a new shoe brand Scholl, which is known for its clogs and clogs. Scholl shoes are designed in collaboration with orthopedists and care about the comfort of your feet.

You can wear ankle boots, boots, boots and Cossacks in demi-season weather or in cold summer. We have the most fashionable models: Clarks deserts, Bugatti rough boots and Clarks «Cossack» ankle boots.

Light shoes are best combined with low-contrast looks: milk-colored trousers, blue jeans, animal-print skirts, gray trouser suits. If you choose an image with a short dress or shorts, do not forget about translucent matte tights or completely abandon them. With clothes that are denser in texture, you can wear thin black tights or stockings.

In SOHO, Clarks stores and the online store sohoshop.ru you can find shoes for any occasion and any weather.


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