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Pajama fashion for girls from pajama shop 60m

Nothing destroys an established image like random guests on the doorstep! And you — in an old-fashioned, stretched, ridiculous attire, which cannot even be named. Once, it seems, 200 years ago it was pajamas … If your home clothes (and part-time clothes for sleep) really are the last century, take them to the trash! And take care of the new, beautiful pajamas, in the arms of which you will sparkle like a diamond! Moreover, regardless of whether it is for early guests, for relatives, or just for yourself, your beloved!

We wrote about the types of pajamas earlier. Today is about fashion. The most simple classic or a flirty combination of a shirt and breeches, short or long pajamas, a set of loose pants and a sweater — the 60m pajama store has prepared many extraordinary solutions for fashionistas. Therefore, choosing the right new thing is not difficult. Style, color, texture, fabric, design — all these are tools with which you can create original everyday home looks.

fashionable women's pajamas

But first, about gradation and criteria. In pajama fashion, as in fashion in general, their own age rules also work. Agree, a woman over 50 would look ridiculous in a pink velor jumpsuit. Just like a teenage girl, she will look like an old school teacher in gray, plain, shapeless pajamas. There are several important points that should be considered when choosing a new, fashionable pajama.

Criteria for choosing fashionable women’s pajamas in a pajama shop:

one. Age. Conventionally, pajama fashion involves a division into three categories: pajamas for girls and teenagers (0 — 16), for women (16 — 45) and for women aged (45 — and ad infinitum).

2. fabric and season. Depending on the time of the year for which you have planned to replenish your wardrobe with a new thing, pay attention to the fabric. For winter — dense warm fabrics, terry, velor, footer, interlock. For summer — light, airy, cotton (knitwear), viscose, silk, satin. Any fashionable and stylish thing should be sewn from high-quality fabric.

3. Style and color. This list includes purely taste preferences. However, it must be taken into account and not try to combine incongruous clothes and experiment. This criterion includes the length of the pajamas, the fastening or lack of it, the tie or elastic band, etc.

Well, now, in more detail about the fashionable style and the beauty that today’s pajama manufacturers offer to the fair sex.

Long pajamas — a stylish classic

Age. The model with trousers and a long-sleeve jacket is a serious claim for elegance and style. Designers of clothes for sleep and leisure call the classic long pajamas a model by which one can judge the taste of its owner. Luxurious women’s pajamas, which resemble a sophisticated home suit, are suitable for a pleasant pastime at home after sleep, as well as for a friendly pajama party. Classic long pajamas — universal, suitable for all age categories.

Material and color. Today, designers use natural silk to sew long pajamas, playing with a palette of its monophonic solutions. Pastels are in fashion: delicate pink, lavender, mint and violet. Also charming are classic black and white, their combinations. Outrageous personalities, or young girls will face bleached mint or bright shades of red and burgundy.

elegant women's pajamas

However, silk is quite a capricious and expensive fabric. Pajamas from it are incredibly elegant and sexy, but not practical. If you want a versatile model, pay attention to jersey pajamas. High-quality cotton and a rich color palette will not only smooth out your figure flaws (if any), but also create a homely, gentle look. Knitwear allows you to play with style, combining a jacket and pants in different colors. Beautifully looks, for example, a blue jacket and gray pants with polka dots, or violet capris and a more delicate, pale pink tunic. Designers this season decided to fill knitwear with a new major sound, launching not only a line of cheerful colors, but also coming up with unusual prints: flowers, hearts, graphics and life-affirming inscriptions.

bright fashionable women's pajamas

In addition to knitwear, terrycloth is a hit among long pajamas. Soft, plush fabric will sound in unison with soft, domestic women. Such pajamas are suitable for a gift to mom, wife, girlfriend and even an employee. There is only a sea of ​​love, warmth and good mood in it. Plus, it’s perfect for the winter season. According to the color scheme for the terry, the combination of pink and gray, the noble color of chocolate, pearl and the color of coffee with milk are the winning tones.

warm terry women's pajamas

fashion style. The new season has made its own adjustments to the styles of home clothes. Long pajamas are no exception. Today, at the peak of popularity among fashionistas, pajamas with pants and a short jacket (the so-called threes), pajamas with a hood (ideal for winter for girls with long hair), and pajamas with a high collar with a puff. Another fashion trend among long pajamas: a combination of loose long pants and a top. Such a home suit perfectly corrects the figure: the top fits, makes the top more expressive, shapes and emphasizes the waist, and the bottom, on the contrary, softens and smoothes. For balance and expressive contrast in this suit, it is ideal if the pants are wide, straight, without ankle cuffs.

silk pajamas for women

Short pajamas — a choice of coquettes with a good figure

Age. Short pajamas are the prerogative of well-built young girls or women in the prime of their sexuality. On older ladies, pajamas from a top and short shorts will not look too good. Short pajamas are more of a provocative design trend than comfortable sleepwear. However, such sets are very popular in the current fashion season. They make slender legs even slimmer (after all, the bottom, as a rule, is short shorts, tight-fitting capri pants, or even boxer shorts). But the top of these pajamas gives the girls mystery. Most often, this is a loose jacket or long-sleeve shirt, top or tunic with a wrap. Here, personal preference and the taste of the fairer sex come into play.

short women's pajamas

Material and color. The most organic short models look in knitwear and viscose. These materials allow designers to experiment with color, developing bright, fresh solutions. Even one of the advertisements for a well-known sleepwear brand reads like this: “Do you want to wake up in the morning in a great mood? Treat yourself to short pajamas in the color of an invigorating orange juice, or a refreshing mojito, or the colors of your favorite bouquet! Cotton jersey is amazingly easy to care for, resistant to frequent washing, comfortable to the body.

natural women's pajamas

In the form of short pajamas, high-quality cotton and fine linen, muslin also look good. The latter is made with a special, satin weave and often looks better in the finished item than natural silk. Short muslin pajamas require a noble color range. Soft shades of peach, yellow, turquoise are acceptable here.

And, of course, out of competition, natural silk. An expensive fabric can turn even the most ordinary model into a luxurious thing.

fashion style. Short models are multifaceted in style. Girls-athletes, romantic beauties, and even «eternal children» will be able to choose a suitable new thing for themselves in their diversity. By the way, just short sets with little animals, cartoon characters, and just bright applications of flowers, hearts and butterflies are a hit among girls from 5 to 35.

bright women's pajamas

Sexy pajamas — special models for a special occasion

Looking sexy in cute, colorful animal pajamas is possible, but extremely difficult. It is much more effective for a special occasion, a romantic date, to pick up a textured item that was created in order to emphasize special femininity and forms.

Models with a beautifully accentuated chest and waist line are considered sexy. These pajamas are made of thin fabric (silk, viscose, modal, satin) and decorated with lace, transparent mesh inserts, satin dressing. Tops with thin spaghetti straps, short shorts — this is the model of seductive pajamas.

sexy women pajamas

An important role in pajamas of this type is played by color. Traditionally black, white and red are considered sexy. Although, each girl is individual and she knows what color can make her special, emphasize her dignity and complement the process of seduction with a new charm. For example, sexy black pajamas with long sleeves look very unusual. Such things carry an undisclosed secret and at the same time give a key. Add to this a provocative finish, in the form of openwork lace, and you are the queen in your finest hour!

openwork women's pajamas

Pajamas of unexpected colors with unusual, piquant prints look interesting. Graceful oriental-style silks can also complement the image of a hot temptress.

Fashion pajamas for little princesses

Separately, I would like to say a few words about nightwear for little fashionistas. After all, every modern mother dreams of instilling in her daughter a taste for clothes and a sense of style. That’s just the lesson you can start from choosing your own pajamas!
What’s trending today? In children’s pajamas, invariably natural fabrics. 100% cotton or high-quality knitwear, terry, velor, viscose. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the seams. They should be impeccably processed and, if possible, hidden.

fashionable children's pajamas

But with the style, the age of the little fairy will help you navigate. Up to 6 years old girls look great in bright pajamas with bunnies, birds, bears.

Junior school age is already dictating its sleeping dress code. Peas, stripes, flowers are among the favorite prints.

bright children's pajamas

In middle school age, pajamas with the image of your favorite cartoon characters are popular.

But teenagers are now crazy about one-piece pajama slips. Plush, knitwear and even fleece (teenagers are more resistant to allergies) are the material for such pajamas. Fashionable models are always with a hood and ears. And the color palette is very diverse: red, gray, turquoise, pink, blue.

Some trendy «pajama» tips

And although pajamas are far from the catwalks, and indeed a wide range of prying eyes, the laws of fashion are not alien to her.

• If you dream of looking slimmer even at home, opt for plain but bright sleepwear.

• Models with lace are sexy and feminine. Even if you are, to put it mildly, not thin, lace will suit you and emphasize your natural softness.

sexy lace women pajamas supply

• Berries, citrus fruits, butterflies and birds are the main pajama prints of the new season. Look for a fashionable model for sale!

• Women’s pajamas with a shirt, under the men’s style, are incredibly seductive.

modern women's pajamas

• Oriental style — a priority for seductresses who are ready to arrange a romantic evening.

• For a pajama party, slips are perfect, or unique models with lace, rhinestones and feathers.

Fashion is a capricious lady. Fortunately, pajamas are a unique, rich material in her hands. For all girls there is a fashionable and stylish thing that will emphasize precisely her dignity. The main thing is to listen to the heart and our advice!


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