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Shoes for all time!


Sneakers and sneakers — shoes for all time! Today they can be combined not only with sportswear, but also with skirts, dresses, jeans and even with suits and coats.

In this article, we have selected various options for the most trendy sneakers and sneakers, each of which you can find in our SOHO stores and on sohoshop.ru

Massive sneakers

Sneakers with a massive sole conquered many. They are ideally combined with wide-leg trousers fashionable in 2022 or, conversely, with tight-fitting leggings. Many people like to wear these sneakers with jeans and trench coats.

An additional bonus of these models is that, with their bulkiness, they emphasize the grace of the female ankle.


We love sneakers for their comfort and versatility. Shoes that could once be worn on the basketball or volleyball court now dominate our wardrobes.

Classic sneakers with thin rubber soles are a hit among sports shoes in 2022. They can be worn from morning to evening with knitted dresses, suit trousers and blouses, or Bermuda shorts. For the second season, the main fashionistas combine sneakers with high multi-colored or white socks.

Multi-colored and bright models

If white sneakers and sneakers are not your style, feel free to experiment with color.

Bestsellers — shoes with contrasting inserts. Such models will become accent in monochrome images.

Sneakers and sneakers in the men’s wardrobe

These shoes have long won the hearts of the stronger sex. Now it is not just a part of a sporty look, but a necessary addition to the urban style.

White running shoes

White sneakers are a classic these days. This pair will go with any outfit, from sports trousers to an elegant business suit. You can wear them with anything.

Classic models

Sneakers and sneakers without catchy details in soothing colors will always be appropriate in the men’s wardrobe. They are ideal in images with light or dark blue jeans, shorts, light suits.

Bright sneakers

This season, the color scheme is very diverse. You choose what you like and suits your style or mood. For office or business meetings, we recommend giving preference to discreet tones: white, black, beige or gray.

For walking and relaxing, choose shoes of unusual shapes and bright colors.

One thing to keep in mind when designing your look is that you are unique and your style reflects that!

In the SOHO chain of stores and the online store sohoshop.ru, you will definitely pick up that pair of sneakers or sneakers that will be a good investment in your fashionable wardrobe.


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