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Time to shine!


Today we will talk about metallic shoes.

Designers have loved these shades for a long time. Thanks to their versatility, clothes and shoes in gold, copper and silver colors remain fashionable both in summer and winter.

Despite the popular belief that basic shoes can only be white, black or beige, metallic shades can be just as versatile and go with many looks. The main thing is to choose a model, style and the right shade.

Shoes in this shade attract attention, advantageously different from the base of soothing colors. You can choose from gold, silver or copper. However, it should be borne in mind that warmer tones are suitable for summer models, and cold and saturated ones for cool autumn and winter. In this case, you will be able to create all kinds of fashionable bows in different styles.

Many brands have been presenting metal shoes in their collections for several seasons in a row. We have a variety of models and styles in our store. Choose:


Sneakers and sneakers are basic shoes that are present in everyone’s wardrobe. You can complete the look with comfortable accent sneakers. We recommend looking at golden Clarks sneakers, massive silver Buffalo sneakers or calm white sneakers with silver accents from the Bugatti brand.


Shoes are classic women’s wardrobe. You can wear shoes to work with a suit, for a walk with jeans or with an evening dress for a special event. For a more relaxed look, check out the gold and silver pumps from Clarks, and if you prefer bright outfits, you can go for shiny Buffalo pumps.

Sandals and slates

The most comfortable pair for the summer is open light shoes. If you want to look more feminine, we recommend choosing sandals. If you prefer flat shoes, consider flip flops or sandals. We have Buffalo gold high heel sandals and the more practical silver Clarks sandals with a stable and low heel.

Derby and deserts

Metal shoes are an attribute of not only summer, but also autumn wardrobe. If you are bored with the gray colors of autumn, dilute your look with hits from Clarks: silvery deserts or derbies in a copper shade.

Please yourself with shopping at SOHO and sohoshop.ru and shine in our shoes!



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