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10 actual men’s bags


Until recently, the bag was considered exclusively a women’s accessory and an optional item of a man’s wardrobe. Now it is not only convenient and practical, a men’s bag is a full-fledged fashion accessory that can say a lot about its owner.

A bag for a man is no longer just purses, briefcases and sports bags. In 2022, designers and manufacturers surprise with a variety of current models and offer men a large selection of accessories of various shapes, styles and dimensions.
This season, stylists highlight several fashion trends for men’s bags:

Backpacks for men in various styles

Backpacks in leather or other materials, in a classic or sporty design, in black, graphite or cognac. A practical backpack usually has an impressive number of pockets and compartments. In the sohoshop.ru online store, we suggest paying attention to models from brands from Germany Strellson, Braun Buffel, as well as the English brand Clarks.

Briefcase — a thing classic, status and always relevant. If you choose an accessory on the sohoshop.ru website, we suggest paying attention to genuine leather briefcases from the German brand Porsche Design. Briefcases made of especially soft leather with interesting details are becoming fashionable. Such models will be appropriate as a travel bag when traveling, such as the Braun Buffel briefcase.

Crossbody bag — this is a convenient, compact and lightweight version of a bag with a long strap, which is worn over the shoulder. Such a bag is the most practical option for daily wear, since the hands remain free and all items can be taken out of it without any problems.

In addition, a cross-body bag is very functional: it usually has several compartments and pockets. In terms of convenience, this accessory has no equal. Cross-body bags can be either plain, strict in shape and style, or with laconic prints.

Laptop bag — the most suitable option in order to transfer equipment safely. It gives you the freedom to take your laptop anywhere without sacrificing comfort and style. This bag is very roomy and has a large number of different pockets that can be useful for a charger or additional gadgets.

Small suitcases

Small-sized suitcases for men are the trend of this year. Smaller than a standard suitcase, this bag is roomy enough to be used daily or on the go.

We can safely say that men’s bags are diverse in style, size and purpose.

Now is the time to complete your image with this fashionable and functional accessory, because until January 19, SOHO is running a promotion with discounts from 30% on current models of bags for both men and women.

Here you will find a whole constellation of brands: Clarks, Porsche Design, Strellson, Braun Buffel, Joop! and many others.

We are waiting for you in our SOHO stores and on the site sohoshop.ru!


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