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25 years EMU Australia


25 years EMU Australia

In 2020, the EMU Australia brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This world famous brand was founded on the basis of the Australian tannery of Jackson, which has existed since 1948 in Geelong. In those years, Jackson was one of the main manufacturers of sheepskin boots in Australia. EMU Australia is still headquartered in Geelong, the heart of the region, where sheep are bred for the highest quality wool.

Sheepskin boots first became popular in the 60s thanks to surfers who used them to warm their feet after riding in the cold ocean. Subsequently, this type of footwear received the status of a national Australian product and became known in many countries of the world.

The emblem and brand name of EMU Australia is the Australian bird emu (in English «emu»), which lives only in Australia. Like the kangaroo, the emu is the symbol of this continent and is featured on the country’s national flag. The curious fact is that kangaroos and emus can only move forward! That is why the world-famous bird has become the symbol of EMU Australia, its footprint is depicted on the logo, and the shoe boxes are made in bright turquoise — the color of an emu egg.

EMU Australia is the world’s second largest international brand that specializes in sheepskin boots. One of the most important competitive advantages of EMU Australia is that all skins and a fairly large part of the collection are still produced in Australia, while the main competitors have concentrated all their production in China.

The basic original boots of EMU Australia are water resistant, but similar boots of competitors are often not. EMU boots also have an excellent durable outsole that provides better traction on various surfaces in bad weather.

A distinctive feature of EMU Australia products is the use of only premium sheep wool. For more than 10 years, EMU Australia wool has carried the «Woolmark» seal, which guarantees its authenticity and high quality.

For its anniversary, the brand has released a fundamentally new lineup with Sharky soles — boots, slippers and boots with an original grooved sole that resembles shark teeth. This on-trend outsole is visually eye-catching and also helps you keep your balance on slippery winter roads thanks to these «teeth». Shoes with Sharky soles have another excellent quality — moisture resistance. All this thanks to a special coating that protects the upper material from getting wet.


The collection of shoes with Sharky soles is already on sale in the Soho chain of stores and on the website sohoshop.ru. Also in the assortment of outlets, classic EMU Australia models for adults and boots with bright decorations for children are widely represented.


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