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5 rules for caring for white shoes


Almost every person in the wardrobe can find white shoes. This is one of the most versatile pieces that can be paired with any outfit, be it casual, sporty or office style. Owners of light shoes are united by one big problem — improper care for them — they get dirty too quickly. It is worth at least once to go outside in them, as traces of dust or dirt appear on the ideal white color.

In this article, we will look at simple and effective rules that will help keep your shoes in good condition.

1. The first, and probably the most important rule: immediately after buying a new pair, treat it with a special spray or water-repellent. This will create an extra protective layer that will help keep your sneakers looking their best for as long as possible. But do not forget: you need to choose a product depending on the material of the shoe. If you purchased a model made of nubuck, velor or suede, then we recommend using Collonil spray in a neutral shade:

Collonil spray.jpg

There is also a more versatile innovative product that protects against moisture and dirt and is suitable for all types of materials. This is the Collonil Carbon Pro tread — a versatile protective water and dirt repellent spray for any upper material. It is developed on the basis of “Carbon Technology” and has a “spray membrane” protection. The result is achieved due to the unique, protective structure, consisting of polymer fibers, which are fixed on the flexible surface of the material and act for a long time.

Carbon Pro.jpg

2. Properly selected cleaning agent, sponge and shoe brush. Sometimes people are inattentive to the choice of shoe care products, and this is a very important criterion. Care products must be suitable for the material of the shoe so as not to damage it.

3. If you see a stain on your shoes, remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the dirt will quickly absorb and it will be much more difficult to clean it off. Light-colored shoes require careful and regular care, and a special cleaning agent from Collonil will help you with this.


This tool has a triple effect: cleans, softens and protects any materials. Foam removes heavy dirt and does not leave streaks. It nourishes and protects the material in the future from moisture, dirt, salt stains. When using, apply the product first on the sponge and only then begin to remove the dirt without going too far beyond the edges. Do not apply cleaner directly to shoes. Use a sponge, brush or shoe rag. White color is very unpredictable and stains can easily remain on it, which will be very difficult to remove. In the online store sohoshop.ru you can purchase a specially designed sponge specifically for white shoes:


4. Store white shoes in a separate box. Some colored shoes tend to stain, so putting white shoes in the same box with shoes of a different color, you have every chance of getting sneakers with an unpleasant surprise after a while.

5. There is a very unusual way to hide a scratch or stain on white shoes. Use white nail polish, carefully apply it to the damaged area and “Voila!” Visually it has become less noticeable.

Take care of your snow-white shoes properly, and they will serve you for a very long time!


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