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The favorite thing of every girl is a women’s handbag. Inveterate fashionistas collect impressive collections of bags and do not think of giving up this hobby. The only problem is fashion, which brings something new into our world from season to season. Most of the bags are on the shelves, waiting for the moment when the old trends will once again rise to the pedestal.

This season will be remembered by us for its extreme solutions and wild imagination of fashion designers. Models of last season also remained popular, but a number of new products appeared. Practicality is still important: shopping bags and slings. And the main trend of this year is bright and neon colors. It is felt that the designers got bored and decided to plunge into the era of the 80s, making their bags in acid shades. Many designers create their masterpieces using classic bag models, and the most adventurous ones surprise with unusual shapes, sizes and materials.


A common everyday option when there is no need to carry a lot of things with you. This bag format is also ideal for a special occasion, for example, for a romantic date, party, business meeting. If in our view the clutch looks quite tiny, now the designers decided to make them more spacious. In addition, they added decorated accents.



This fashionable shoulder bag has long been a current trend. Convenient strap allows you to hang the bag and free your hands. As stylists say, this model is simply obliged to be present in the wardrobe of every girl. This year she pleases us with a variety of models. Especially popular are geometric bags: circle, triangle, cylinder, trapezoid.


Waist bag

An interesting and convenient thing that has been flashing at fashion shows for a long time, disappearing from view, and then reappearing. Usually, waist bags are small in size, exclusively for the most necessary things. It is not surprising why she managed to win the hearts of people: a sense of freedom, lack of constraint on movements, but at the same time having a bag at hand, few people will be left indifferent.


Tote bag

One of the most versatile bag options. It is of a strict form, with firm handles, roomy, but at the same time betrays each of its owners an additional portion of femininity. It is impossible to imagine that such a practical thing can ever go out of fashion. The most popular model of this season are tote bags with interlaced leather strips.


It is customary to complement any stylish look with accessories. The bag will best convey your individuality and love for experiments. On our site you can see a large selection of bags for any occasion. We are sure they will become a bright accent of your image.


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