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Active Air — Clarks unique shoe technology


Active Air - Clarks unique shoe technology

Clarks is considered one of the most popular shoe brands in Europe due to its high quality, wide range of models and interesting designs. Clarks is very kind to its customers, developing and improving every detail of the shoe. One of the main features that deserve attention is the Active Air technology.

active air is a unique air-cushioned sole developed by Clarks in 1983. The technology has been developed for many years, and all in order to achieve the most comfortable sole. Today, Active Air technology is a network of small channels and chambers in the sole that allow air to circulate with every step, absorbing impact. This helps ensure the right level of cushioning.

The main feature of the Active Air technology is the special design of the insole. It consists of three types of insoles, which sequentially follow each other, turning into one full-fledged one. The three most common types of insoles are Airflow System, Waffle and SEB.

We offer to consider all types in more detail.


Airflow System insoles:

  • Inside, the shoe is made up of smart layers that work together for maximum comfort.
  • As you walk, the rubber lugs on the outsole force air through special holes cut into the shoe’s lining.
  • Air, passing through special channels cut in the substrate, gets up through the corresponding holes in the insole. Thus, air is pumped through a network of channels and flows around the foot.

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    Waffle insoles

  • The reverse side of the insole is covered with octagonal cells that trap air and form an air cushion.
  • These cells also allow air to pass through the insole and thus cool the foot.
  • Cupped heel counter supports the foot and keeps the heel in place.
  • Some insoles are antibacterial
  • The insole is made of three types of foam of different densities, which absorbs impact, supports the foot and does not lose shape during wear.

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    SEBS insoles

  • The insoles are made using the latest Active Air technology.
  • Contain many channels that form a cellular structure. As with Waffle insoles, the channel network traps air as you walk, creating an air cushion effect.
  • The density and thickness of the insole are selected and calculated to make walking as pleasant as possible. Inserts in the heel part of the insole absorb impacts, and in the forefoot — they give an extra boost when walking.

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    Clarks are shoes that are made with love for people. Buying a pair of new shoes in our store, you will give your feet maximum pleasure and comfort.


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