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Actual spring print — floral!


Floral print is still one of the hottest colors of the season in many areas, and today we will talk in detail about this ornament in accessories and shoes.

Until summer comes and the flowers bloom, we just have to decorate ourselves with flowers, and SOHO stores will help you with this!

When did floral print appear?

This pattern has a thousand-year history: the ancient Persians used daisies and daisies, in ancient Egypt clothes were decorated with lotuses, the ancient Greeks applied a decorative floral pattern to the fabric, but all these ornaments were purely decorative.

Only in China and Japan did the plant world acquire its own special meaning: bamboo stalks personified stamina and wisdom, wild plum — friendship, peony flowers — nobility and wealth, a flower and a butterfly — love. The colored silk produced in China and Japan influenced European artists and European art in general, giving rise to the fashion for Orientalism.

The floral print gained great popularity in the 18th century thanks to the Rococo era, when dresses made of fine silk came into fashion, requiring elegant designs. In the 20s of the 20th century, society strove for femininity, and floral colors came back into fashion. In 1966, the Flora pattern of the Gucci brand appeared, created especially for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. In the 1960s, artistic catchy ornaments were fashionable, but the peak of the popularity of the floral pattern happened in the 1970s. Then calm vegetable and Japanese colors became fashionable.

What is a floral print?

It can be completely different: a large floral ornament, a small scattering of wild flowers, large buds, tropical plants and a picturesque floral ornament.

At SOHO and Clarks, you can find tropical-inspired sneakers and floral-embroidered sandals from Pepe Jeans London, flip-flops from SCHOLL that are studded with small flowers, scarves and bags from Tosca Blu with embroidery.

Floral accessories and shoes can be used as an accent in a monochromatic look or as part of a monochrome outfit.

In a monochromatic image, such an accessory will dilute the severity of the appearance and complement it with femininity and lightness, in a monochrome image it will create unity and completeness of the image.

Images with floral colors emphasize femininity and romantic notes, and you can purchase accessories in our SOHO, Clarks stores and online store sohoshop.ru. Flowers are always a good idea for a spring wardrobe!


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