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Buying shoes for spring


We always treat the choice of shoes very carefully, as we spend most of the time on our feet. We choose models according to their purpose, stylish and beautiful, but certainly practical and comfortable.

With the advent of the first warm days, nature wakes up, the sun begins to warm, your mood improves and you start to think about what to wear. Of course, with a high degree of probability, during a cold March, you will not part with winter shoes, but, nevertheless, it would be wise to prepare for the onset of spring in advance, and we will help you with this.

Choosing spring shoes is a serious undertaking, because the right boots or boots will allow you to walk down the street in comfort and look fashionable and beautiful.

First of all, you need to consider that spring is a changeable season in terms of weather, so you definitely won’t get by with one pair of shoes. The weather can change overnight from frosty to almost summery. In May, sandals may already be needed, but here there must be a couple of options in stock.

For March, high boots or boots made of leather or suede are well suited. Manufacturers offer stylish and practical options.
Boots are the favorite shoes of many fashionistas: they emphasize the beauty and slenderness of the legs, give charm and femininity. These are practical and comfortable shoes for the off-season. Here you will find practical boots from Clarks and fashionable Pepe Jeans:

one. Clarks women’s boots
2. Ankle Boots Pepe Jeans London
3. Clarks women’s boots

Boots can be called universal shoes, they can be worn at any time of the year, and a variety of options will allow you to use them in a variety of situations and with any outfits. In SOHO and Clarks stores, boots are presented in different colors and materials:

one. Bugatti high boots
2. Pepe Jeans London high boots
3. Clarks high boots

April days can bring with them the first tangible warmth, which means that it will be possible to open the season of shoes, light boots and sneakers.

one. Boots Pepe Jeans London
2. Clarks sneakers
3. Derby Clarks

May is the time of a gradual transition to summer shoes, because warm weather can take hold at the beginning of the month. Take care of updating your wardrobe and start buying summer models.

A pair of sneakers is suitable for walking, and girls can wear comfortable ballet flats. In May, heels can be in demand, and for cooler days, moccasins or slip-ons are a good choice — a versatile and fashionable option. Shoes from Clarks are a combination of elegance and comfort.

one. Clarks flats
2. Clarks pumps
3. Moccasins Clarks
four. Slip-on Clarks

The representatives of the stronger sex also pay attention to the comfort and convenience of shoes, but at the same time they want to look stylish. Consider the current trends in men’s shoes for the spring of 2022.

For early spring, consider lace-up boots and Chelsea boots. In case of bad weather, for hiking or traveling on uneven roads, shoes with a massive rough sole are suitable. Good fixation on the leg provides a strong lacing.
Chelsea can be safely attributed to the fashionable men’s shoes of 2022. The model does not have any additional fasteners, zippers and laces, which is very comfortable to wear.

Our stores stock boots and chelsea boots from the most popular Clarks and Bugatti brands:

one. Boots Clarks
2. Clarks high boots
3. Chelsea Bugatti

In April, men should pay attention to classic shoes: brogues, oxfords, monks and derbies. Sneakers and deserts are combined with casual wear — jeans, shirts, t-shirts, as well as tweed suits. The best men’s boots and desert boots from Clarks:

one. Derby Clarks
2. Desert Clarks
3. United Colors of Benetton sneakers

It is impossible to imagine a warm May without light shoes. Men can opt for topsiders or moccasins, light sneakers and sneakers. If earlier sneakers and sneakers were associated with sports style, now the situation has changed. Interesting design and coloring allow you to combine them with absolutely any clothing. This type of footwear can be found in almost all brands presented in SOHO stores:

one. Bugatti sneakers
2. Topsiders Clarks
3. British Knights sneakers
four. Pepe Jeans London sneakers

As you can see, spring needs a variety of shoe options. There is a chance that you will not part with winter shoes in March, and in May you will probably wear summer sandals. It is possible to start preparing for the arrival of spring in advance, although you can also buy shoes according to the situation, depending on the weather forecasts. Our retail stores SOHO and Clarks, as well as the online store sohoshop.ru will help you with this.


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