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Clarks Originals — the choice of creative people


Origin of iconic models

In 1950, Nathan Clark first introduced the Desert Boots, simple, comfortable suede boots with rubber soles. The inspiration for their creation was the boots that the officers of the British army purchased at the bazaar in Cairo and wore in their spare time. Thus began the history of the legendary model. During the existence of Desert Boots, more than 10 million pairs have been sold in different countries, which is an absolute record in the world sales ranking.

In 1964, Nathan’s brother Lars released the Wallabee model, which also became a cult. The upper of the model was developed on the basis of the cut of moccasins, and the sole consisted of natural rubber. The model immediately after entering the stores became a bestseller. The success of Wallabee not only with ordinary customers, but also with celebrities, has made it possible to include this model in all Clarks collections from the moment of its presentation to the present day.


In 1972, an unusual silhouette first saw the light, originally known as Six Toes (six fingers). Its distinguishing feature was the shape of the last, following the natural contours of the foot and giving freedom inside the boot. Later, the model was called the Desert Trek.

Gradually, more and more models appeared in the Clarks collections that did not lose their relevance, despite the change in trends, styles and tastes. These models were spun off into a separate brand, Clarks Originals, formally founded in 1990.

Celebrity Collaborations

The unusual silhouette and noble texture of the materials of Clarks Originals models allow you to create an extraordinary image. This explains the large number of innovators and creatives who have made Clarks Originals shoes part of their style. By adding their own take on things, they rethink original ideas and bring new things to a classic style that remains timeless. Designers at Clarks Originals draw on celebrity influences from the showbiz and film worlds, collaborating around the most popular models. Phenomenal success accompanied Clarks Originals collaborations with rap stars Wu-Tang, rapper Drake, Supreme and Disney.


Materials from all over the world

Only the finest materials are used in the production of Clarks Originals shoes: leather from an English tannery founded in 1893, Australian sheepskin, Spanish merino wool, Norman hides, lambswool flannel from the Wellington brothers in Somerset. Cutting-edge materials such as a Gore-Tex membrane and Italian Vibram rubber outsole bring a modern touch to Clarks Originals style.

Although Clarks Originals flagship models have been in production for decades, every detail remains true to the original, from the length of the stitching to the sophisticated shape that each boot is molded around. Clarks Originals is a classic turned legend. These are shoes that will always be relevant. New and legendary models from the Clarks Originals collection are presented in the Clarks stores and on the website sohoshop.ru.


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