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Clogs and mules: what’s the difference?


Now on the market there is an abundance of various types of shoes in which you can easily get confused.

We at SOHO follow all the trends and help you understand the features of women’s shoes.

We will talk about summer shoes without a back, which are often confused or even considered one model — clogs and mules.

They have an ancient history.

What is a Sabo?

Clogs originate in ancient Rome, but the model we are used to appeared in the 15th century. Initially, they were made only on a wooden sole. Basically, such shoes were worn by the poor, and representatives of the middle class and the nobility used clogs only in bad weather — it was a medieval prototype of modern galoshes. In the modern period, clogs were popular in Holland and England, fashionistas independently decorated their shoes with carved patterns and paintings. Over time, materials and designs have changed, but the massive rough sole has become a hallmark of clogs. In the second half of the 20th century, they came back into fashion thanks to the Dutch shoe designer Jan Jansen.

Mules — what is it?

The «ancestors» of the mules also appeared in ancient Rome. Only patricians could wear these shoes, or, more simply, to know. Initially, only noble men of Rome could possess mules, but later women from high society throughout Europe began to wear them. Mules were popular until the 19th century. They regained popularity in the post-war years thanks to Marilyn Monroe. She fell in love with this type of shoe because of the comfort and versatility. Following Marilyn, her fans also fell in love with mules.

So what’s the difference? The main differences between mules and clogs are:

Sole: mules have a thin and narrow sole, clogs have a thick and massive one.

Heels: You will not find clogs with high thin heels, and there are a great many similar models of mules. Mules with high heels look elegant and natural.


Summing up, it is worth noting that mules and clogs are popular and are combined with all sorts of looks. You can wear these models with jeans, dresses, trousers, skirts, leggings. However, do not forget that mules are a more sophisticated, elegant and evening model, while clogs are casual, a little rough shoes.

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