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EMU Australia Practical Summer Collection


EMU Australia Practical Summer Collection

The EMU Australia brand has become famous all over the world thanks to warm boots made of premium natural sheepskin. The company, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, has set itself the goal of providing convenience to customers on a 365-day basis. In this connection, the creative team of the brand directed all its efforts to create an excellent summer collection.

The concept of the EMU Australia seasonal collection is based on a combination of the best natural materials and innovations. The brand’s designers are inspired by the beautiful views of the Australian coast to embody the rich natural colors in the models and make the best use of the noble natural textures of materials. EMU Australia technologists uniquely process natural wool fibers in order to maintain the optimal internal microclimate of shoes during the hot summer period. As a result of such painstaking work, a collection has emerged that is addressed not only to connoisseurs of fashion trends, but also to those consumers who are concerned about the health of our planet. The natural fibers used to make shoes are biodegradable and part of the natural cycle. They do not accumulate in the environment, but are destroyed naturally, gradually turning into harmless compounds.

Wool Sneakers

The main novelty of the spring-summer 2021 collection is Miki sneakers in a wool and cotton blend. The upper part of the model is effectively decorated with perforations. Particular attention deserves a flexible sole made of lightweight polymer and rubber. Rubber inserts do not allow the sole to slip and protect the heel and toe of the shoe from abrasion. Memory foam insole for added comfort. But the main advantage of these sneakers is the possibility of repeated washing in the washing machine, which is very important for the white version of the model.


The collection also includes a basic sneaker model in several popular colors. The upper part of these sneakers is made of wool. This model is equipped with a leather insole and is based on a rubber sole.



In the spring-summer season, buyers will continue to get acquainted with the Sharky collections, which premiered in the fall of 2020. The unique Sharky outsole visually resembles shark teeth and makes it easy to move even on slippery surfaces. The massive dual-layer outsole reflects a popular fashion trend, but is lightweight, as it is made of lightweight polymer and rubber. Sharky’s open-top models feature a memory foam insole and soft leather sandal straps for maximum comfort on a hot day.



The name of the third part of EMU Australia’s seasonal collection «Cruise» speaks for itself, because in models with open toes and a heel it will be nice to travel during the holidays. All elements of the models of the CRUISE line are made of genuine leather. An additional soft layer in the insole allows you to stay in such shoes for as long as possible. Models of this line are made by hand, which emphasizes the premium status of the collection.


Women’s shoes for the city and exciting travels from the EMU Australia summer collection can be purchased at Soho stores and on our website.


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