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Espadrilles are a timeless summer shoe.


Espadrilles can rightly be called the best summer shoes. The woven sole makes them very comfortable, due to which you can easily walk in them all day. A vintage look will give your look a special mood.

It is believed that espadrilles come from Spain. It is there that the esparto grass grows, from which the sole is made. The basis of the rope, from which the sole was woven, was made from this tough grass. From its name came the word espardenya, which the Catalans designated this type of footwear. Later, in France, the word turned into espadrilles, and already in this form it passed into the Russian language. It is believed that the first espadrilles were created in the 13th century. But the real glory came to this unique shoe in 1948, when the movie «Key Larko» was released on the screens. From that moment on, everyone, without exception, wanted to get this couple and be, as they say in our time, in a trend. The next mention of them did not come until the 1970s, when the famous designer Yves Saint Lauren asked the Spanish espadrilles brand Castaner to help him create an improved version on the platform. Now in the collections of any designer you can find espadrilles. Of course, each of them is trying to bring their own zest to the shoes, making them bright colors, adding interesting prints, decorating with rhinestones, and even adjusting the style.


What can be paired with espadrilles? In fact, this is a versatile shoe that can be worn with a dress, trousers, shorts, and even to the beach. If you need an option for every day, then light-colored espadrilles will look advantageous with jeans and a light linen shirt. If you are a dress lover, pair your espadrilles with sundresses or a shirt dress.

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In the wardrobe of every girl and a large number of men, you can find at least one pair of such shoes, which, with the advent of warm weather, will take its rightful place on the shoe shelf.

A few tips:

You must remember that espadrilles should be worn on bare feet. But if you really want to wear socks, then these should be invisible socks. Knitted espadrilles tend to stretch a little, so don’t go a few sizes too big. Do not wear espadrilles in cold or rainy weather, as the braided sole will deteriorate very quickly. The choice is huge, and you can find a couple that suits you:

  • Flat
  • On a wedge
  • Cotton, leather or suede
  • any colors
  • Decorated with bright patterns, rhinestones, beads
  • With straps or ties
  • open toe
  • Backless

image-09-07-21-05-13-5.jpegTOMS 3.jpg

Today, everyone can afford to buy espadrilles, regardless of your desires and preferences.



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