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Fashion Reboot by Pepe Jeans London


The motto of any sports shoe has always been comfort and freedom of movement. Beauty and style have been added to the key trends of 2022. Today, fashionable sneakers go well not only with jeans or shorts, but also with skirts, overalls, coats, and even with a trouser suit. Current models are very different: coarse and miniature, light and dark, with prints and classic plain ones.

Women’s collection

Sneakers have long occupied a special place in women’s wardrobe. They are firmly established in all styles from office to evening. Now sneakers are not only shoes for everyday wardrobe, but also a field for design experiments. In the new season, there are many different options, which are based on a play with color and contrasting blocks. Comfort and practicality remain important accents this season.

The LONDON line is a new interpretation of the classic Tinker model. Despite the updated design, details and materials, it retained its main features. This season the line comes out in pastel shades.

If you’re looking for 2022 footwear trends, check out the Pepe Jeans London sneakers with color and contrast panels. The brand uses animalistic leopard prints, original lines and bright lining inside.

Such models should be worn not only with jeans and T-shirts, but also with romantic outfits.

Men’s collection

As the weather gets warmer and there is less snow outside the window, the desire to quickly throw off heavy winter boots and change into lighter shoes becomes stronger. In recent years, sneakers have become an integral part of the men’s wardrobe. What is the best way to wear them? First of all, with casual clothes: jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts.

Introducing a selection of men’s sneakers for the spring of 2022. The collection was created focusing on the idea of ​​increasing brand awareness using a combination of innovative technologies and a new design concept.

Keds with confidence can be called universal shoes. If earlier they were worn only with sportswear, now they are combined even with business. Solid, contrasting or bright sneakers will be a great accent in your look.

Sneakers made from biodegradable or recycled materials, vegan leather, saving resources — all this will soon become the basic principles of many brands.

We would like to draw your attention to the commitment that Pepe Jeans has made to the environment. This season, the company has increased the use of sustainable ingredients in its footwear collections: organic cotton, recycled materials, chrome-free leather, water-based polyurethane and modern technologies.

In the SOHO chain of stores and the online store sohoshop.ru you can get acquainted with the new Pepe Jeans London collection and complement your spring look with stylish and fashionable shoes.
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